yi action camera

  1. K

    Yi Action Cam Z26L - 0% Battery Problem

    Hi, I'm new to this modifications of action cams. -I installed XIMODE 2.1 (https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/thread...pyiview.19065/) on my Yi Cam (Z26 - 1.5.4 firmware). I thought it was compatible to my firmware but later I realized that it's not. And now it only has red light in power button and...
  2. S

    Showing different model number in app and back of the camera

    I bought a new camera few days ago.but after connecting it to the app.there the model is Z22.but backside of the camera it is z25L.So i am really confused which is the real model.My current firmware is 1.3.0. Btw it also shows 0% charge after fully charging the bettary and if i start the camera...
  3. Durgesh

    Xiaomi Yi problem, not getting started, after crash!

    I had my yi action cam on the gimbal on my drone, was on normal flight and unfortunately drone crashed! Ths gimbal and camera was crashed. The memory card side was little bent and the memory card broke, though the board was not bent. I removed the covering and tried to turn the baby on but this...
  4. YIcameraCS

    YI 4K Action Camera 1.0.13 firmware [update log]

    Hello YI fans! Hope you had a good week, it's almost Friday! Anyways, today we just released a new firmware 1.0.13, please give a update to see what's new! Here are the update log: Added Wi-Fi countries selection option; Added Flat Color option; Added Video Mute option; Fixed the inaccurate...
  5. Tao Ma

    YI Open API

    Hey there, are you a software developer or a hardware maker? Interested in building something really cool, be it an app or a gadget, using our YI Action Camera? If you do understand what the questions are about, we at YI Technology have a good news for you - our upcoming YI Open API. Check out...
  6. Y

    Is a system dump or driver dump possible?

    Could someone do a system dump? I wanted to examine the drivers files for this camera. it would be super helpful for some research I got going on! thanks.
  7. C

    22L script and software

    Hi guys, I am new on this forum so bare with me. I own a 22L and was playing around with scripts and stuff but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. I use the camera for recording tennis games and take stills when going out with my son. I would love an all-around script that would give...