yi dash cam

  1. okram98

    Yi Dash Camera problem

    Got my Yi Dashcam today, international version, and it has some problems with recording, namely it starts to show horizontal lines after some 3-4 mins into the recording which go away once it reboots. Here's an example before reboot...
  2. D

    How to remove Yi Dash Cam from it's mount?

    I want to remove the camera from the mount and take it with me overnight, leaving the mount on the windshield. Inserting the camera was easy enough, just slide it in place on the mount. But i cant make it budge at all when trying to slide it back out... I remember sliding it in like so:
  3. TonyCams

    SJDASH+ vs YI DASH Night time footage comparison

    Let us know what you guys think...
  4. kobo

    Don't let its size detract you, make a carry case.

    One thing I noted people complain about with the YI dash cam is its size, and color, making it less then discreet and an invitation to thieves. I understand that concern, I frequently need to park in a town where it is of great concern, in fact I have already had a window smashed on my vehicle...