1. P

    Camera died after being left in the car for three weeks

    Hello I've bought this camera (Model YCS.1A17 from Amazon) a few weeks ago. Now after three weeks of no use it won't turn on or respond to any button, even the reset button. The camera was actually left running in the car, connected to the charger for at least a week until the car battery ran...
  2. Wita Aldian

    The latest 1.2.13 ELF files from XiaomiYi Support

    Here guys for u who maybe still have problem with your yi camera (same as me :() i just email the XiaomiYi Support and sending them about my problem, then i got reply from automatic reply with this elf files link. i'll share the latest ELF files 1.2.13 from Xiaomi Yi Support, this is the...