512gw will no longer record, random freezes, constant card errors.


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May 23, 2021
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After a seamless year or two of no problem recording, i think my 512GW might finally have packed up for reasons unknown - I would have thought at its price point, it really should not have failed like this. Just wondered if anyone had any advice. All was well until the Card read / format error popped up while I was driving a few days ago. I removed the card - it was a Sandisk Ultra 128GB which I noted after I started looking online for issues, was not recommended for dash cams so I bought a Samsung Evo Plus 128GB from a reputable supplier. Initially the camera accepted it, and the message "format successful" popped up but that was shortlived - it recorded for less than 10 seconds before the SD error -please format card message came up again.

Checked the card on my laptop and it works just fine, as does the Sandisk the camera used for nearly 2 years and then rejected. I also tried a smaller Samsung Evo Plus (32GB) with the same issues. Cards are all working and bought from reputable suppliers.
The camera is also freezing a lot and needing to be reset. It runs just fine if you do not try to record but just view. I tried updating firmware but camera won't accept the card with the update despite following the process as per Nextbases' instructions. It freezes when you try to format the card in the camera.

I bought a cheap alternative dashcam on Amazon just so I have something working in the car, it works just fine for now but I wondered if my 512GW is now destined for that electronic tip in the sky or not.............any advice before I consign it to the bin?

Thanks for your questions.

What firmware version is the camera on please?
1) Turn the Dash Cam on
2) Stop it recording
3) Press the Menu Button Twice to enter the Setup Menu.
4) Scroll down to ‘System Info’
5) Look at the Firmware number RXX.XX

It should be on R22.5. If on older than this, please message me directly with your name and postal address and I'll get a one time use firmware update SD card sent to you.


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Thanks Millie -I have just checked it, it says it is already on R22.5 . Do you have any other advice or is my trusty 512 doomed /faulty? I am happy to try anything to get it working again!

If the firmware is up to date, it sounds like the cards may not be compatible for use. I'd recommend trying a tester SD card to ensure the camera is functional. I've messaged you directly for your name and address to get this sent to.

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Thanks so much for sending the card Millie - initially it seemed very hopeful, but unfortunately it recorded for 15 seconds and the same litany of errors began again. Card error message - reformatted with success, tried recording again, this time immediate error and it will no longer format in the camera now, just like all the other cards. I have reset the camera at the reset button and tried to reformat the cards in camera all to no avail. The cards are all working in my laptop without any errors and the camera functioned without error for about 18 months prior to all this starting.

Any other ideas? Or is this just another prematurely dead piece of electronics :(

I'm very sorry to hear that the SD card did not resolve the issue. Unfortunately this sounds like a case for our Repair Centre. We can bring the camera in for a free investigation (UK). Please contact our Support Team directly at support@nextbase.com or 02920 866429 (UK) and we can explain the investigation/ repair and get the camera booked in for you.

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