A129 intermittent start up.


Jan 20, 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi, I installed a Viofo A129 (front camera only) into my wifes 2017 Toyota Aygo. Initially I installed the HK3 hardiwre kit with live, switched live, and neutral, but we were having problems with battery drain and intermittent camera start up so I changed it to switched live (both yellow and red wires switched live) and neutral, so the camera now only switches on and off with the ignition. Power is being fed directly into the camera and not the GPS mount. However I still have intermittent start up issues, sometimes the camera starts up fine and runs no problem, other times the camera does not come on (no lights or display), but if I push one of the buttons on the dash cam it will spring into life and start working fine. I have tried updating to the latest firmware but still no joy and I also tried adjusting the start up delay in the setting but that also made no difference.

Any common issues cause this problem or any suggestions please, should I purchase another hardwire kit and try that first? Thanks.
When you wired it as intended, red to constant live and yellow to acc, were you using parking mode?

Wire it back to red to BATT and yellow to ACC, but leave parking mode off in the settings and see how things go. The only thing that should draw power is the GPS and the LED in the kit, which should be minimal. If the battery is still draining, maybe it's time for a new battery.
Thanks, the car has had a new higher amp battery fitted as we were having starting problems which the battery has cured but still have this dashcam issue. I was planning on using parking mode when I bought the camera but I’m not so worried about that now. My daughter has recently passed her driving test and I need it to reliably record her driving in case of any accident, it would be typical if something happened one of the times it failed to start up.
To add this problem does not seem to happen unless the car has been asleep for a while, if you start the car then stop and restart it the camera comes on, it only seems to be if the car has been sitting for several hours. The car starts first time, every time, there is plenty of power in the battery.
Just to update, I moved the supply fuse yeserday so it was on the same circuit as the cigarette lighter and it worked fine for the rest of the day, but this morning no start up again. I put the standard dashcam USB lead into the cigarette lighter and it now starts everytime, so pretty certain this is a hardwire kit issue, either a fault with the auto cut off voltage circuit or it's working correctly and the battery is just below the threshold even though there is plenty of juice to start the car. I think I will swap the hardwire kit to an old style two wire one and see how that goes.
Just to provide an update, yesterday I adjusted the supply fuse to put it on the same circuit as the cigarette lighter and it worked well the rest of the day, but this morning it wouldn't start up again. The car now starts every time after I plugged the standard dashcam USB lead into the cigarette lighter. I'm pretty sure this is a problem with the hardwire kit; either the auto cut off voltage circuit is broken, or it's working as it should and the battery is just below the cutoff point despite having enough power to start the car. I'm going to try replacing the hardwire kit with a vintage two-wire kit and see how it works. monkey mart