Any one with a DR-450-1CH?

Discussion in 'BlackVue' started by ChibiSqueeze, Nov 3, 2016.

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    I've seen some video reviews online and it looks pretty good, except for some night time shots. Any one tried these? I like that blackvue have the mount built in and it rotates.
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    Its same form factor as all the models except the 750 Installed one yesterday and it seems as good as my DR500GW-HD Just doesnt have Wifi which I never use anyway and has an external GPS module which I have stuck on rear side window. A 3500 which is the old model would be cheaper and 95% as good
    Mine replaces a DR350 which was lower resolution and is the rear camera in a wagon.
    WHen you rotate it you must turn it around or picture will be upside down

    Eg if it looks out front and you rotate it to look into interior of car
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    I've had one about a week ... had it hardwired by Blackvue and it is excellent. Quality at night far exceeds what I have seen online so maybe it has been tweaked since reviews. It is small, discreet behind my internal mirror and generally excellent. I am very happy - just wondering if I should have bought the Power Magic thing as well ... I hve convertible so didn't see the effort of a rear channel was worth it. GPS is not for me as I don't want someone to see me 5mph over the limit and lay blame to me - I know they can work it out but I am not giving anyone an easy outer for blame :)

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