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Jun 29, 2020
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Hello all, first post. I bought a Vava A119 dual recently (still within the return period) for several reasons 1) Price point, 2) though not 4K, the option to bump the front cam to 1440P seemed like a nice touch — but for the most part it was 3) the ability to swivel — useful for not just police interactions, but if I park in a space where someone else can park next to me on one side only, I can swivel it in that direction while I'm parked — that swayed me to purchase. I also liked the lack of a screen at the time (though I'm seeing some benefits of having one, e.g. for use as a backup cam).

It's still unboxed, and given many questionable reviews, positive reviews that may be questionable, and the fact that the consensus seems to be that only 4K is going to be able to capture a plate clearly (during the day at least) every time — though maybe not as easily with the plate configurations here in the states — I'm thinking about swap for something else.

So my question is: Are there any other cams — especially/maybe/hopefully a 4K model — that also can swivel? Also, without a swivel, the whole purpose of "parking mode" sort of alludes me — 95% of parking lot issues are going to come from the side, so even with a super-wide front FOV like this Vava has, you're not going to capture much (if any) any footage. Also, I'm talking about horizontal swivel; I have no need for vertical swivel for interior footage (e.g. the Blueskysea B1W).

Any suggestions, or options that fit-the-bill currently available? And with any first post that I'm sneaking while on-the-clock, apologies in advance if there tons of discussion about swiveling cams already around here someplace.

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The nextbase cameras, even the 4K ones are all dangling from a stalk kind of cameras,,,,,, which i think can swivel though some of them as far as i know use a magnetic bond between the camera and the mount, so not something you can grab and "forcefully" swing around.
Nextbase have a 4K model out, and a new one in the pipeline for launch some time next month. ( i would at least wait for the new one and gauge some user feedback before committing to buy.

True about parking lot dents, you will not see them getting made with a front / rear camera, but you might still know who did it as you get them on the approach or leaving ( US have problems in this regard as most states as far as i know only require 1 plate on a car )

So while not having direct evidence, you might still be able to find the person and "lean" on him / her to confess and pay up.
Otherwise for a capture of the offense you need down the side cameras, and those are still far in between, but G-on from Korea make a kit though 720p and Thinkware also have that kind of side cameras in their pending 4 channel setup.
The problem with those systems are you might have to drill mounting holes in your front fender, or they can stick on with dual sided tape, though i dont have too much trust in that being a guy that wash his car almost daily in a machine.

The dangle from windscreen camera systems have 1 major drawback,,,,, or at least for many of us, and that is they are some of the least stealthy systems / designs.

Filming strait out the side cameras like i have, well you really need a wide angle lens, but then i also think they can capture anyone denting or keying your car side, so you need to fit a after market lens yourself, which might need modding of the camera housing to accommodate it.
The B2W "Uber cam" has 2 horizontally swiveling lenses; the interior lens also adapts to IR at night automatically. Not 4K though. TBH, right now I don't think a really good 4K dashcam exists; only a couple are reliable for regular recording and little more, so parking modes with them are not going to make you happy until they get the bugs fixed. Even with 4K there's no certainty of plate capture although most of vthe time 4k does better with this than the 1440p cams do but it's not a huge difference, and as much depends on lens quality, focusing, and firmware as the resolution numbers.

IMHO you should look for a cam which meets your uses reliably at the best resolution possible while checking bthe quality of the vids it produces. Or you can wait for 4K dashcams to mature, which nobody can say when that will happen.

I ended-up returning the VAVA and getting (and am still testing) a VIOFO A129 Pro. I'm wondering if there are any suction-type mounts that would 1) allow the unit to swivel 2) allow for easier removal of the unit when necessary?
I know Viofo makes an optional suction mount (Viofo branded) that does not come standard in their boxed car cams. It's on Amazon. Not sure if it swivels (the Garmins swivel nicely I think). Garmins have the GPS coordinates on the camera view, app views, PC software views. Coordinates everywhere if you want them. Would look good at a lawsuit trial to show the coordinates stamped permanently during the filming and seen right on the video which the jury is watching.