Auto-Vox A118C firmware B40C.20161101.01


Aug 29, 2016
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Blueskysea A12 + Viofo A119 + Viofo A118C

In case anyone needs it, I have obtained the latest firmware for Auto-Vox A118C camera.
I guess some people might have an old firmware so I give the new one here.

It's a pretty good camera, I understand it might be a clone but it works fine.

It can be purchased here :

I got this camera from a few days ago and it's got firmware B40C.20161101.01

Link :

I have tried applying the firmware upgrade file above, it does work, but it gives the same firmware version, so I guess this firmware file is for B40C.20161101.01 which I already had.

Hope it helps someone !

I saw they listed a upgrade version, do you know what's upgraded?
@uski Thanks for posting the Auto-Vox 20161101.01 firmware. Works great on my A118C. The changes I've noticed compared to the latest Viofo 20160316 firmware are:

1) Font size is smaller (slightly larger than the A119).
2) File size is much smaller (12.3 Mbps Auto-vox vs. 15.3 Mbps Viofo). A 20% reduction.
3) I did not notice any quality reduction with the lower bitrate
4) Benefit of smaller file (lower bitrate) is that my 64GB memory card can now hold more videos (10 hours Auto-Vox vs. 8 hours Viofo).
5) ***Auto-vox firmware is less "noisy" compare to Viofo during daytime footage*** This is my #1 reason for liking the Auto-Vox firmware.
6) Auto-vox firmware has slightly brighter videos during nighttime. Not significant, but noticeable from a side-by-side comparison.
7) Perhaps Auto-vox has a longer exposure, resulting in more motion blur compared to the Viofo.

P.S. Comparison made on "default" settings.
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does this need to be renamed to be updated?

How do you get from RAR file to BIN file?!
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