Blackvue DR750LW firmware upgrade failure


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Mar 9, 2016
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So I finally decided to see if I could fix this or if I just needed to buy a new camera, and when I went to the Russian website, low and behold they have released a new recovery version v2. I loaded it just like V1 (following the instructions on the russian website) and used v13 of the english firmware (the latest is v15, but I didn't have it downloaded at the time). This worked perfectly! No need to change the language or anything as soon as I popped in a new microsd card it formatted with all the prompts in english. I then updated the firmware to the latest by loading the update on the microsd from my computer. I'm very happy. Well worth the $10 donation to the russian website to get this fixed. Now everything works perfectly 1 year after messing it up in the first place. Lets just say I will not be updating the firmware over the air from my iphone again.

Hi @vogman1, hoping to get your input/advice on this. My 750 also failed after an attempted firmware update over wifi. I got the v2 recovery from, and put it on a card using acronis as the instructions specified. Unfortunately, upon booting the 750 with the card in it, I get the blue blackvue screen for several seconds, followed by a black screen with all 3 lights lit on the side. Do you recall if you put both zip files from the v13 update on the recovery card, or just one? I believe one is the firmware and one is a nand eraser or something to that effect.