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May 13, 2015
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The B2K showed up yesterday, (thanks!)
I'll be fumbling with it, and my balky laptop, over the next few days, probably with more use in a girlfriends car than on my 3 wheeled test bed. :)

Here's everything that shows up in the box.

The initial impressions are good.
The cam is small, and at least has no shiny stuff to draw attention to it. I used the suction cup mount yesterday, will move the 70mai cam, and mount the b2k with the adhesive mount this morning. (and as much of the dangly crap from the RVM as I can get away with) :)

We used the cam on a quick trip into town. Video looks good, will post some later.

Initially I thought the recorded audio was a little low, but was in the acceptable range.

(the blue USB cable is one I had handy, a black power cable with a fixed cigarette lighter plug came with the camera)



Mounted with adhesive mount this morning. Maybe will do a hardwire kit in the near future.
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Day Video

The cam is set for 2K, here is a file on youtube, and link to raw file on drive follows.

If you stop the video you can read the license plates of the oncoming cars easily.

raw video

A little earlier than the above video.....heading into the sun...and my chauffeur running a redlight. o_O

I think the voice announcement is a 'lock file' warning?
(Confirmed, that is a 'locked file'. Appears to buffer 5 seconds or so before the triggering incident)

Had g sensor at lowest setting.

Red light

Go through a dark covered parking area about a minute into this video. Added bonus, the white truck you see ahead of us is in a hurry, and used the parking entrance lane to get around slower traffic. (end of video) You never know what will be coming the wrong way at you....

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The screen is small.
App works ok.

Normal operation, Recording with screen on. The blue light at top flashes when recording, you also have the red dot on the screen.

Screen off, blue light flashes while recording.

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Evening video, b2k in girlfriends car. Windshield not clean.

Recorded in 2k, but uploaded without editing to youtube.

Video converted from h 265, edited, still dirty windshiield.

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The B2K has been working reliably in the girlfriends car on a trip a few provinces away.
The trike has an anemic battery, and isn't used much currently, so had some problems where the trike needed to be restarted when cold, capacitor not cycling quickly enough to operate. Seems to be limited to the weak battery in the trike that doesn't want to start. No problem in a car.

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Your video are not available, it is still private
Look like weather to swap for, here in my town i dont think the temperature got above 0 degrees C today, i am really not cut out for this, right now at 1 AM i ts -4 deg C
its really a good time of year to be here. mid to high 50's F in the early morning, 80F during day. The GF is complaining her AC isn't working, but I just tell her to take her winter coat off when she is driving. :)

Last night in Nakhon Phanom, looking for a place to park near the street market. I see a big spot right before the congestion, try to explain to park there.....we can walk a block. :)

(Still had cars double parked, blocking us in, when we returned an hour later, but could snake out.)

Finished the few day trip. Looks like had some memory card and/or power supply problems, was missing chunks of time.

Not problem with b2k that I can determine. The cams are plugged into a 12v power supply in a cubby hole where the owner of the car hides nuts for the winter, makeup, lottery tickets from last century...etc. :) I think the plug gets nudged too often, rummaging for stuff.

Heres video of roughly same time frame, daylight.....b2k and 70mai Lite. I'm driving in these clips.

Watch for the white van overtaking in the two lane construction zone about 1:18 mark in the first video. This iian intercity passenger van, frequently in pretty bad accidents, with a death and injuries.


70mai lite

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Run home this morning on trike from big box store.

Unedited, just uploaded to youtube, and they did whatever they do to the file.

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Made a run into town to the immigration office, to make my 90 day check in, to maintain my 'legal alien' status.

Cam on trike. Winter sun behind me on trip into town. Rough street, shaky trike.

Into winter sun, morning.

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Looks like had some memory card and/or power supply problems, was missing chunks of time.

I was experiencing random shutdowns and not recording on apparently good startup with mine and thought about this post. I thought I had a PS issue but on pulling to card today to get a vid of the snow flurries here I discovered that my card had went into 'write-protect mode' according to Windows :( I was able to format it with the SDformattrer tool; W8.1 wouldn't do it, and it passed the h2testw full overwrite test but experience tells me the card is on the way out if you ever see a write-protect messaage, even if you can 'fix it' like I did tonight. It's a 64GB Samsung Evo Select and may be my oldest card so not totally unexpected.

So you may be a victim of something similar- would love to hear an update on this issue from you when you can (y)

Just returned from a weekend trip, and had what I thought was a card failure in the b2k yesterday.
The camera appeared to be working ok, blue light flashing, etc. We drove about 5 hours, max,
Checked the card at end of the day NOTHING recorded yesterday. NOTHING
I was driving girlfriends car, has a 70mai installed, also, but that only has a 32 GB card in it. We were in a forested area and had monkeys swarm the car, crawl all over it with us inside. Thought I would have footage on one cam. Nope.
Not ready to blame the cam at this point. Just got home, swapped cards for drive home, will check.
NO, nothing recorded today, although the camera appeared to be functioning/recording normally. I was busy driving so couldn't mess with cameras much. Have to order some new cards. :(
Thanks for the response. I need some new cards myself, too many cams going right now and some iof my cards are getting old. I'm seeing the exact same thing- cam apparently boots properly with indicator lights going but entire drive sessions missing seemingly at random. I'm using a known good 1.5A ciggie-plug PS for power and had thought perhaps there might be some on-and-off happening when I inserted it intio the triple-tap which runs other cams perfectly but I've been careful to work the plug decisively to avoid that and it doesn't seem to help. I also sometimes look up to see the cam has shut down while the PS light is still on.

So for now I'm going to swap cards around with the one I put in this cam fully tested and if that doesn't get good results I will run another PS and see what I get then. A bit peeved thinking of the last after spending a recent afternoon redoing all my cam wiring to hide it well :cautious: This is a nice little cam with very good imaging, but if it's not reliable nothing else matters.

New cards showed up. The cards that died are samsung evos I have been buying from an official samsung store on Lazada, not had the usual good luck with them. Will see if can check if fake, but the packaging is what I am used to, buying them for years.

I've had good look with off brand cards appears to be rebranded or outsourced for a Thai retailer. 64 GB for $5 and they have been working ok.

Time reset on my b2k.

Just for the heck of it, have a general coverage receiver tuned to regional air traffic routing, when plugged the B2K in to a power bank, I could hear some noise on the radio. 126.200 AM VHF Radio on battery also.
Seems my other card is working OK, but I'm going to have to swap PS's as I'm still getting shutdowns but not random anymore. Mine are happening when the van is idling with a heavy electrical load such as heater fan or headlights being on. One trait of my old 'bus' is low charging at idle- you can see headlights dim slightly then. Alternator is OK, voltage regulator has been changed, no real charging problems overall. Always been like this even when the battery was brand new.

I first noticed the pattern looking through vid files, then viewing the end of the last one in a driving session; all ended at a stop sign or red light if they weren't when I parked. So I've been watching the cam and noticing the shutdowns as they happen which confirmed this. The issue hasn't happened with any other cams I've ran on that PS, nor is anything odd happening with the B4K being powered by the same triple-tap. Maybe the B2K is a bit voltage sensitive- just thought I's share this so you too could keep an eye on yours.

Hoping the supplied PS does better than the one it's on now, it goes in this morning so I should know more soon.

I thought the problems were just on my trike, which has an anemic battery, but the major weirdness happened on the girlfriends car. The car is pretty cramped when I drive it, and I am using a 3 way splitter via the cig lighter socket. The cam that is somewhat permanently installed in that car runs off of the same splitter, usually with no problem.

Any chance your voltage is dropping at idle?
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