Day/Night, New April'14 FW: Innovv C1,C2 vs Dimika vs Mobius B-lens


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May 1, 2013
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Dashcameras participated in this side by side test were using firmware you see below.
NB! By the time you are reading this thread and watching video used here, developers of those dashcameras may have released a new improved firmwares.
Please refer to each developer sub-forum or website in order to see newer firmware release and their performance.

Top Left: Innovv C1 ( new lens ) FW = C1_FW_V08_20140310
Top Right: Innovv C2 ( wide lens ) FW = C1_FW_V08_20140310
Bottom Left: Dimika, FW = DIMIKAHD_1.4-14.03.2014
Bottom Right; Mobius B-lens, WDR ON, 1080p-W, FW v1.20

Individual Videos



RAW / Original video files of ALL 4 cameras ( day and night ) can be downloaded from HERE

As you might see from night video test, Mobius has this flickering issue with FW v1.20, which was reported by many users in Mobius thread HERE and I also confirmed my tests result HERE

I have synchronized all 4 dashcam videos from the beginning of the video
Because of Dimika unusual overlap and variable frame rate, by the end of video clip, there is a few seconds synchronization difference between Dimika and other dashcameras.

The biggest issue in Dimika is variable frame rate and "unusual" video clips overlap value. Also variable bit-rate as well.
When I am making final cut ( putting together ) many different video clips from one source, I am using a Registrator Viewer, - this is the best and quickest software out there to "glue" together multiple video clips from one dashcamera.
Till now Registrator Viewer was able to cope with ALL dashcam videos that had fixed frame-rate and had "common" 1 sec ( or 0 sec ) overlap option.

Due to Dimika has "unusual" overlap and variable frame-rate video recording, - Registrator Viewer can not cope with "gluing" together correctly multiple Dimika video clips the way they would correspond and could be used to synchronize with other dashcameras video clips.

The only way to synchronize Dimika video clips with other dashcameras video clips is via pain-stake manual process, for example which takes me about 3-4 hours using AVS Video Editor just to correctly synchronize 15 min clip of Dimika vs other clips. I have to go almost trough every frame, to cut "unwanted" ones in order to keep up with synchronization, and so on. This is not any easy job and for sure not practical !

I must point out that probably 99.99% of everyday Dimika users will never going to synchronize videos for side by side comparison test with other action- or dashcameras, so overall this synchronization issue is minor in some way.

I want to remind: those Dimika audio-video issues exist with firmwares which is mentioned in review.
Please follow Dimika sub-forum on DCT or their website for new firmware releases, where there might be already an updated which solves those issues.
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@ Niko your time.... effort ....and dedication do not go unnoticed and is appreciated by many DCT members and guests......Ipol:D
Very interesting...Any plan to have them at night?
@ Niko your time.... effort ....and dedication do not go unnoticed and is appreciated by many DCT members and guests......Ipol:D

Thanks for support. I do my best.
This is a good educational process for me to get to understand the roots of dashcam world and its nature, behaviour etc.

The one and only way to fairly judge ANY dashcam against other models is to do side by side.

Such tests can show that every competitor has its own pros and cons and its up to each individual buyer to decide what is good for his eyes. Its the same like with women: some like blond and tall, some like dark-hair and normal height, some dont care how blond or tall, - most important if she cooks well ;) :)
Random question but that speaker grille reflection looks like a Passat or maybe another VW?

Do you ever find it causes problems during the day as I'm getting focus issues with that on the A7 device I've got. Tried it on normal and soft sharpness but the soft setting caused posterisation of the images. Going to try it on the hard setting tomorrow to see what that looks like :)

If they could sort out that flickering the Mobius is a really impressive device!
If they could sort out that flickering the Mobius is a really impressive device!

I use Firmware v1.20 with my Mobius B. Not with 'WDR' enabled but with 'Low-Light' enabled. See...

'Low-Light' should give worse flickering issues than seen in niko's video, however, as can be seen in my Post I'm not experiencing this problem.

Perhaps the angle at which the camera is pointed downwards is a factor? Or the rake of the windscreen? Or that my Mobius isn't attached to the windscreen but to the roof-lining (see below), & is more shielded from streetlighting? Or all of the above plus other factors I haven't thought of?

People who experience flickering, can resolve it by using Firmware v0.59 or v1.13 instead of v1.20. But, if it works for you, v1.20 with 'Low-Light' enabled turns night into day ... or at least it surprises me how much brighter video looks than my recollection of the actual driving conditions.

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