DR32 as an action-cam

My DR32 used as an action cam again on a very bumpy offroad mountainbike ride, this mini-movie is shot entirely with a DR32 and edited using Pinnacle Studio 16, I have used a combination of mainly handle bar mount (one shot upside down and corrected in the editing software) and chest mount (both discussed earlier in this thread), there are also one or two clips handheld and a couple where the DR32 is just laid on the ground. EV is set at +1 throughout (I prefer the brighter picture particularly for more shadow detail), the sound is totally untouched. Only improvement might be if the DR32 had some sort of 'anti-shake' setting, though as it is it does convey an element of how bumpy the conditions were and maybe adds to the 'action'., and Yes, it was quite windy at times. 'blowouts' in the video are due to the DR32 'hunting' for the correct exposure, this is maybe another thing that could be corrected by a firmware update.
(PS: don't forget to view using the 1080 hd setting)

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another mini mountainbiking movie, testing the DR32 as an action cam. This time I've incorporated a helmet mount purchased on Ebay ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261201299331 ). I set the camera at EV=0 this time.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/1tlzwlfn7xerx ... 132909.jpg

https://www.dropbox.com/s/561td1b79334f ... 132814.jpg

My findings .. image quality of the DR32 is great, the DR32 is held upside down when used as a helmet cam and takes a bit of processing power and quite a lot of time to invert the image in my video editing software. My DR32 does not have the invert video option unlike the newer ones have (and cannot be upgraded by firmware update apparently), also unlike other peoples DR32's mine has never had any audio glitches but does suffer from random lock ups which is annoying.
When used as a helmet cam the DR32's form factor makes it stand out like a sore thumb but there again so does the Go Pro, in view of this I am probably going to purchase a Mobius to use on the helmet, and continue to use the DR32 on the chest mount and handlebars, just waiting for the final version of the Mobius to become available.

The video link .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... AvjcNqOCyg

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I like your experiments with these for action cam. Did you have to drill through your fairing to get that mount?