Falcon zero issue wiring


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Dec 30, 2018
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Alright I tried hardwiring it directly with my radar detector and it didnt work so I purchased their adapter kit.

Now I read someone with a similar issue with a 3 wire instalation and I can't seem to figure it out.

2015 Honda Accord
Falcon Zero F170+
Falcon Hardwire Adapter

GND- is wired along with my radar on a bolt.
B++ - is wired into my fuse box on a constant
ACC- is wired (I tried both) my lighter and free accessory

Top wire is acc
Middle left is my radar
Bottom is the b++

I tried changing it up too, b++ on accessory (which is the bottom fuse atm in the pic) acc on a constant. Whatever I do it doesn't turn on but does turn on when I plug it in the usb in my house.

My fuses are here in the interior panel

B+ was originally in 31
Acc in 11 then moved to 40
Had other combos but I cant remember them. Please help.


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