Finevu Solid-500. 1080p + 1080p, GPS, ADAS, WDR, Format-Free


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May 1, 2013
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Dash Cam
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FINEVU Solid-500 official website click HERE

Premium Night Vision function:

ADAS Functions:

Solid 500 a.jpg

Solid 500 b.jpg

Solid 500 c.jpg
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Yeah, but not known what will be "local" price after all import / duty taxes plus local warranty added.
I assume they still using Ambarella A7, which means that maximum stable performance with all bells-n-whistles added it can do only 8-9Mbps bit-rate per channel, which is not a good result.
So called "Premium night vision" ( mostly likely ) is mainly adjustment in Gamma. I reckon similar "premium night vision" effect was produced by Panorama 2 / S with earlier firmware v 1.12.03/-04. The later firmware was changed to more dark picture.
Is it the same bit rate for front and rear?
Is it the same bit rate for front and rear?

Usually all 2ch 1080p dashcams systems out there have same bit-rate front and rear. I guess same is for this model as well.
I wonder what CMOS is used in the front, the rear one i think is the usioal IMX322.

I like it can read speed signs, we dont have many of those here, but they are in place where there is a out of the ordenary speed limit, like on some 80 km/h highways there might be a zone with just 70 or maybe 60, but then its also posted.
Our default town speed is 50 km/h but on the larger roads faster is allowed, and so there will allso be signs there indicating the speed limit.
Some one test this !

I have a fjew ? i would like to have answers to.
Like super duper night thingy is it due to new better sensor or is ot just a old sensor thats in override mode ?
And the bitrates ?
And raw footage from hard to handle situations.

And a lot of other things, i want to know it all and i want it now. :D
Does anyone know if this comes with english software or is it korean only? I'm really liking the look of this and I was just about to pull the trigger on the omega.
I do think they have english menus too, but you better make safe before you pull the trigger.

Since this popped up here i have been looking for info and more videos, but nothing have popped up yet other than the stuff allready on places like youtube.

The guy that have posted on youtube seem like a private guy, maybe you could ask him if there is English menus in it.

okay seem to have made some changes,but here is the channel with solid 500 videos.
I asked a seller on eBay and he said he thinks it's only Korean menus and not english.
Well it's definitely Ambarella based
Ambarella A7LA85 from the code - wasn't that what @-Pizdys- found in the Thinkware F750 teardown?
And appears the sensor is the Sony IMX122
IMX122 on overdrive in that front camera, ill take a better sensor that can perform without turbos and compressor an NOS