FoxOffer Not Responding To My EMAILS


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Mar 9, 2015
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You can check out my post "Buyer Beware Buying From FoxOffer" its been over 4 months since I sent my dashcam GT550WS back to FoxOffer the last email from them was March 27 2015 saying that they would send my camera out within 10 days. after 19 days I emailed them again about my status no response, on April 15 and 21 I emailed them again NOTHING. STAY AWAY FROM FOXOFFER!!!!!
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UPDATE: I received an email that FoxOffer just shipped my camera 4.5 months after I shipped it back to them.
They said that they were out of stock in the begining of march, after I started to post on here, but was still listed on their site ready to sell. Everytime I had to email them about my status, like I said they emailed that they would be shipping it out in 10 days, I gave them 19 days emailed them and no response, another 5 days emailed them and no response. Email doesn't cost anything just a minute or two to keep a customer informed and also to keep a customer. The true worth of a vendor is to keep their customers happy and informed, sure products are going to fail, that's expected, how a vendor performs when it fails tells alot about the vendor.
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Update: got my dashcam finally on 5/4/15 after mailing it back to them in the middle of December. My experience with FoxOffer didn't have to be this bad, but it was, they promised to get back to me and nothing. I hope this camera is good will be checking it out in the next week. Will I order from them again I don't think so, because of the lack of customer service. They need to get their act together.