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Apr 3, 2016
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Gitup Git 1, Git 2, Sjcam Sj4000 wifi,
As you all know i have been running 14 git1´s as a dashcam in different vehicles and my conclusions so far is:
Making this post just beacuse not to forget this part of the forum were it is a bit silent :)

Dashboard mounted.
GoPro open frame housing
360 degrees rotation mount.
Lins protection UV filter.
All settings to defualt, but WDR is set to ON, car auto start and screen saver set to ON.20160614_193033.jpg

The heat during this summer (in shade) have been around 23-26c here and all the git1´s is doing fine beside:

1 camera came with RAM problems and have been sent tho the supplier for guarantee replacement. As mentioned in another thread, when i put carlicensenum.txt the video freeze as soon as the recording started, and this camera also lost date and time settings.

1 camera had bad battery from start. The problem that occured: Flickering screen and shutdown of the camera instantly in car autostart mode. Fixed with a new battery.

1 camera had a gap between the battery and the batterylock, problem that occured: it started to make a long beep but the screen showed live video, fixed with some paper between the battery and the hatch to fix the gap.

All cameras hade a china brand memorycard named LD 16gb class 10. All this have been replaced due "cluster size error blue screen erorr occured to.

Running just fine with Kingston class 10 16gb and Sandisk Ultra Class 10 16gb.

And i also give thumbs up for @gitup for good software support who helped me out with the cameras for my company.

I hope the cameras will run smoothly in the future! I will make a new conclusion when the winter is coming and then here we will get around -10c :)
3 Months later:

Background: Cars that will be working 24/7, with plenty of starts and stops (car on, car off) and more frequent recording for like 30mins up to 2 hours.

Conclusions so far:
The image quality is superior! Sometimes its struggle to give my readable licenseplate in lower light conditions like early morning or early evening. But the low light image quality is good and the camera is doing well with good visiual in low light.

I have been running the cameras with Carlicensenum.txt file were i put my own text. 3 of 14 Cameras is no more able to record with my own text. The recording freezes and firmware downgrade or upgrade wont help.
The only solution is to set "Show_Car_License_Number:Off ". Now im able to record but without my customtext stamped in the video. Dont know why but they all were working fine as new but after some week and now mounths 3 cameras is not able to be used with carlicensenum.txt..

SOLVED! USE High capacity charger. See later post below!
Standard battery is low quality, might be due many starts and stops and continous charging while car is on. I have swapped 4 batteries of 14 already. I hope the other ones will last longer.....

Overall im happy with the cameras and recommend to other users! I use the side-button as "mute on/off" button.. Standard setting is Audi Off...
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I would suggest the batteries failed due to heat plus the constant charging. Someone custom built a GitUp battery to use capacitors instead; this might be a better long term solution for you.
Do you think is possible that cameras with TXT file to have problems because of different cards? Have you tried to put a text which is working OK on some dashcam on a problematic dashcam, if the cards are the same?

I read somewhere that @gitup are improving their batteries.

I hope there will be capacitor or new better. So far its okey because its easy to change the batteries.

CarLicenseNum problem is in the each problematic camera. Probably built in ram memory failure. I have tried everything. Recording freezes if i dont set it to off.
This is something gitup should look into.

Overall im Satisified and best solution for me. Price, Quality of video. I will order one more git1 for a new car to be used as dashcam.

New winter conclusion will be posted in december. Then i been using the git1 as dashcam for over 6 mounths..
I'm watching this thread closely as you go along ;) I'm considering a Git1 only for it's superior low-light IQ- at a budget price I haven't seen anything matching it given the form-factor which is right for my intended use. But for me a cam must be utterly reliable (or easily made to be like that) and with me being in a hot summer climate battery problems concern me so I'd love a "plug-and-play" type capacitor conversion. Or even a more complex conversion.

It does seem that Gitup is more focused on developing the Git2 which is completely understandable, but until it matches the low-light performance of the Git1 I won't be buying it as I prefer a Mobius at that low-light performance level.

Git2 will never match the night performance of the git 1 because the sensor just cannot physically collect enough light to get that good night quality. The sensors are the same dimensions, but the 2 is a 12 megapixel versus the 2mp sensor in the 1, so each individual pixel is larger in the 1 and thus better able to collect light at night.
Winter conclusion:
-7 Celcius.
6 mounths later.

All the cameras is recording smoothly and nightime image quality is good and with the snow everywere its easier to get good recording. None of the cameras are making any internal problem.

SOLVED see later post...
The battery is low quality, i have 3 batterys of about 20 that is good.
Due to the cold temperatur they are self draining and if the battery is completely drained the cameras functionality is not reliable. Im solving it by swapping them out to charged batterys after a week or so.

The ouput from most of my car chargers is 1 a, i recommend using 1,2 a ouput from car charger so it will be able to charge the battery mean while the camera is recording. Cars running with a car charger providing 1,2a works good. Camera it self needs 1a in recording mode. So i will probably swap the car chargers that i have providing only 1a to 1,2a then i think it will solve battery draining problem.

Otherwise the cameras are very good, still happy overall. If you gonna use it as a dashcam use 1,2a car charger and everything will be good!

I have ordered 6 cameras more to the other vehicles we use :)
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9 Mounths later:

All the cameras are working fine, its still around -3 celcius here and now i have probably solved my battery drain problem.

I used 1.0 amphere charger with 1.5 m USB extension cable and original mini USB cable from GitUp.
I have tested the output current from my chargers to the camera and its to low, somewere between 0.3-0.4 a.
Due this in winter when the battery loses power due the cold temperatur i have struggled with low battery problems as they wont charge up with my existing chargers.

For now i have changed some cars to the new GitUp LB102 battery with a new charger that is labeled 1.5a without any extension cable.
For now they work really well and even they even chargers the batteries from low to full capacity in thoose 2 cars.

I will soon swap the old chargers to new 1.5a chargers to be used with the old Gitup LB101 batteries and will post the new results here.

In the end, the older batteries might be OK overall, for me as a dashcam user, i need enough power in them to make sure the camera start and stop without problem. Even if they loses capacity due many charges they probably will last 1-2 years, then im happy with that :)
I have solved my battery problems.

I now use labeled 2 A, GPS charger, 3.5 meter powercord line and now if the battery is completely empty my cameras start up and records and even charges the battery. The charger even gets the camera recording if the battery is completely empty. Wich my other chargers could not.

I used 1 a charger before and would not recommend using the original GitUP mini usb cable as dashcam charger cable.. My guess is that it is not specified for high ouput capacity togheter with data line.
The camera used more power than my earlier chargers and would use battery power togheter with external power to make the camera record, and in a couple of days i got empty battery warnings. In the could wheater even faster..

So now i have plenty of extra batteries that were not the problem, well spare ones is neccesseary so im gratefull..

If you are going to use gitup git1, as i said earlier, make sure you have real high capacity power ouput 1,5-2 A (like garmin or tomtom gps charger) and you will have one of the best actioncameras / dashcams..

Thank you @gitup for good communication..

I bought China brand gps chargers from AliExpress, and if you want to test the same ones i use just send me a pm and you can get the brand and link..
Well! 12 months have past and all cameras still recording smoothly.

Overall conclusion:
I probably got an bad batch of cameras from beginning because a couple of cameras did freeze when recording with correct made CarLicenseNum.txt file with own textstamp, maybe due internal ram error wich i got changed by warranty to new batch of cameras. All working just fine!

Then i got low battery problem as you all know and fixed it with 2a chargers. No more problems with that.

The quality of recording is superior day and night time.
The vehicles is running 24/7 so its rough testing off the camera, wich is no problem for gitup git1.

Im pleased and happy when i see dashcam comparision videos on youtube when gitup git1 is compared against new models of dashcams and see the side by side comparision when git1 is even or better in video quality. Then i know and remind my self that my choose of dashcams was spot on.

Thanks to everyone distributing in this part of the forum.
I really felt for my poor cam these last few days constantly around 32C which is unusual for uk