having two specific problems on my FineVu CR-500HD- parking mode and missing video


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Oct 26, 2013
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I’ve been running my FineVu CR-500HD for about 8 months now, and recently I’ve noticed two specific problems:

1. The camera often does not go into parking mode, and instead continues to record in normal mode for hours on end, despite my car being parked and turned off. When I go to review the videos, sometimes the camera will have properly switched itself into parking/motion detection mode, but often I’ll see hours on end of normal mode recordings of my vehicle parked in a garage. It is set to automatically go into parking mode- I have never had to manually switch it on.

2. For some reason, the camera also misses large periods of time, i.e. no recordings for hours at a time. Sometimes it is missing an hour or so, sometimes it is missing multiple hours with no recorded footage. Occasionally, when I watch the next available footage (i.e. if there is a gap between 200pm and 500pm, when I load the 500pm clip), it will start with the camera beeping, as though it just started up; has it crashed in the meantime? However, sometimes there is no beeping sound, simply a gap of missing footage.

My vehicle spends most of its time parked in an underground garage so temperature is a non-issue. The voltage readings in the videos show plenty of charge with no significant fluctuations, so it is not a battery cutoff problem either. I did swap out a SanDisk 16GB for a SanDisk 32GB microSD card a few months ago; is this possibly a problem for the camera? Any advice on troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated- I want to avoid missing footage, either b/c the camera wasn’t in parking/motion detection mode, or b/c the camera wasn’t recording at all, in the event of another parking lot hit and run. Thanks in advance!
I cant answer your specific query but as someone who has a dash cam as mine if you have the gps module does yorus do the below?

(1) When the car is startedGPS turns on and so does the Finevu normal everything is fine no issues.

(2) When the car is parked & the ignition is turned off and they key pulled out of the ignition GPS unit stays on and keeps blinking then the Finevu goes into parking mode, is this normal for the GPS unit to stay permanently on and blinking blue I thought it would have disabled and still provide power to the Finevu.

(3) When I return to the vehicle put the key into the ignition & turn on the vehicle on engine started, the Camera & Video icons are flashing purple and stay on should the finevu not come out of parking mode automatically when the power is restored to the unit or how long should I have to wait for the finevu after turning on the ignition to go to normal recording mode, I should not have to manually press the M button should I to bring it out of parking mode interestingly enough if Leave it like this two flashing purple icon I can not access those video files once I hook up to a computer.

I would like a reply to this problem or maybe there are no problems at all.

Sigh, I just had the same issue of missing footage. Was footage I actually needed as well! Argh