How to access the files via Wi-Fi, without using the app


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Mar 27, 2019
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Is there a way I can access the files in the sd-card over the Wi-Fi, but without using the app? I was looking for a way to copy the files using a file explorer app. Does the mini2 unit serve the files over http/ftp?
The only way ive been able to access the files without using the app, is take the card completely out and connect to computer. I dont know why you can't just plug the camera into the computer like with a phone. That would make it a lot easier.
People in this modern world are lazy !
There is a way and it's on the forums somewhere, but you would have to search for it (there's only a few thousand places to look so won't take you long). :)
I have the same issue.. the files are not in a format the computer can read without an emulator... if you find it please post it here.. if I do I will as well
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