How would I use two 1 channel cams? IE Viofo A119 V3


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Dec 2, 2023
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Disclaimer I know nothing about dsahcams.....

I got hit in the rear earlier in the year and thinking of dash cams for my new Qashqai, it has a glass roof and roof airbags and I don't fancy trying to run cables over the roof.
Car has a power socket in the boot, and I feel OK about hard wiring the front.

How does using 2 separate cams work in practice?
I'm thinking in terms of using a single app, would they auto record, if I want to view footage I'm guessing the easy route is to pull the sd card and use my Mac/pc?

I have been looking at using 2 Viofo A119 V3, but very open to suggestions, budget about £200 for the cams, plus cables and cards.

Cheers Phil
Forgot to add I would like to keep things as small as discrete as possible.............
Welcome to the forum Highpeakrider.

you will need to power the rear camera from a power source close by, CUZ using a long USB cable to something from the front is not good.
In the old days i did that mistake, and so did not get a recording of me getting rear ended,,,, okay i knew the problem was there so to top that off add my stupidity and laziness.
So i put a 12 V plug in the back, or rather one of those 3 way 12 V plug extenders, grabbing power from a 30 A ACC fuse and -12 V / GND from one of the bolts holding the rear seat in place.

Some new cars also have a 12 V plug in the rear / trunk, just have to be mindful if its on all the time or not.
Good review thanks.........
The A119 Mini 2 has a small advantage of voice control, so you can lock/protect the video on both cameras with one voice command. With the A119 V3 you have to press the lock button at the back of the car while driving if you want to lock the rear video. Not too big of a problem if you use a big enough memory card, but it is an advantage. The newer image sensor and the HDR is a more significant advantage.