I'm being lazy - need to know which fuse to use..


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Apr 15, 2014
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Sorry is this is the wrong forum, but I figured it needed to go here or the general dash cam forum. I went with this as you can see.

Ok.. I've got 3 vehicles I need to install hardwire kits on..

'07 Toyota Camry
'15 Ram 3500 (Cummins)
'17 BMW 230xi

I'm not sure which fuse to tap in to. In the past, I would have just looked for a fuse that had power, when the car is just parked, but I keep seeing posts where people are tapping a fuse that's on ACC. I don't get it.. why?

If one wants their dash cam to work in parking mode, wouldn't you need to find a fuse that has power all the time?

My final question is.. if I want to use Parking mode, can anyone tell me which fuse I need to tap on these vehicles?

If you need continuous power from your 3 vehicles, and almost any other vehicle out there, just connect straight to the battery but use an in-line fuse.