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Oct 11, 2013
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Sadly the innovv C1 did not Work with the SDXC 64 Gb Kingston Card i have, it recorded untill full and then stopped.

At first it looked as it had been working, cuz when i looked at the camera today the red LED was flashing.
But looking at the Kingston Card in my Card reader it was clear that it stopped recording this morning after it had been going for just about 8 houres.

Oldest file on the Card is called L0000002 and was created 26-3-2014- 23:12
Newest file is called L0000473 and was created 27-3-2014-07:03

And then there allso is a file called HT0000474 and was created 27-3-2014-07:03 ????

My computer indicate there is 263 MB free memory on the Card.

Looking at the file names it look like 1 file was overwritten, but then the camera allso refused to go any further :D

Just for the hell of it i now have my 32 Gb transend Card in the C1, i will report how it perform in 5 houres or so.
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The HT 0000474 is corrupted ( the size of it was just 34 MB )
L0000473 is full size ( 130 MB ) and play fine.

Actually the Card was formatted in the mobius and then put in the innovv ( exFAT )
INNOVV can format card as well, I suspect it will be same result.
I suspect both Mobius and INNOVV are happier with FAT system...may have a problem in deleting files in exFAT.

Lots of guesses from me. lol..
I swapped a PNY 32G micro sd card containing files from a DR32 into a Innovv C2 and recorded a couple of files. The new files were HT.....

After formatting the card using SDFormatter, and recording a couple of files with Innovv, the files came out with the L... prefix. There were no problems with any of the files. No idea what that means.
important question is can C2 delete files when it is loop mode..files are not corrupted..I should try with my ADATA tonite.
Strange o_O

The camera will not loop record on my 32 GB trancend Card either ( FAT 32 )

Again the red LED was flashing when i looked at the camera, but it was ideling and had been so for 45 minutes or so.
L0000054 was tagged 16:30 and i took the camera off the supply around 17:20

First file is called L0000002 ( Again ) dunno where the L0000001 file is :rolleyes:
And this time the individual clips are around 574.500 KB in size where as they where around 130.000 KB on the 64 Gb Card
Last file is called L0000054 and it is just 109.000 KB as there is only 8.4 MB free on the Card.
No files are corrupted.

This is the config i am using.

datetime=2014:03:26 23:08:01

I am on latest FW and i use EZ configurator allso latest version.

I have no idea why the camera use 1 min videocliplength when i use the 64Gb Card, as can be seen in the CFG above i use 5 min ??

I will try to reset the camera to default settings and do a in camera format, and try Again on the 32 Gb Card :p

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I just tested class 4 kingston 8g
I have L000001 file. I stped and checked, then continue.
C1 does overwrite the old files.
card has 207 meg free.

doing my Adata 32g now...
Just cheked my second run on the 32 Gb Card, this time there is a L0000001 file, there is still a hour untill the Card is full, but i am off to bed.

Have to see the F1 Circus now that there is a Danish driver that is performing good :)
i assume i am back in front of my computer screen in 6-7 hours, witch is around 4-5 in the morning here.
I see from the specs that the files named HT... are produced when the camera is in 'one video mode' and that they cannot be replaced or written over. When the card is full the recording stops. Perhaps it was a minor bug, maybe the slider switch acting up a little.
Most likely it is your usb connection flicker, if you don't see the HT file on battery only.
Most likely it is your usb connection flicker, if you don't see the HT file on battery only.

Unlikely, as I have only ever recorded on battery power. Still waiting for my usb dashcam cable.
Well this time the camera have been doing some some looping, but still the camera was in lockup this morning, so bad i had to press the reset button in the camera to get the red LED to stop flashing.

Oldest file this time is L0000075 27-03-2014-21:45
Newest file is L0000166 28-03-2014-02:12

Did this run with default camera settings.
File size is in general around 344.500 KB, but L0000165 is only 82.600 KB, and L0000166 is just 2.146 KB
None of the files are corrupted.
I am a Little o_O by now, but i am now going to do a test on a 16 Gb Kingston SDHC Card.

BTW the 32 GB Card was a SanDisk SDHC Card and not trancend.

If this fail too i have another 32 GB Card to try out, it is a lexar and if my memory serve me right it is a SDHC card too.
After that i am left with a fjew 4 and 8 Gb Cards.

16 Gb Kingston SDHC test is running, default camera settings and in camera format.
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Nope. The same deal with the 16 Gb Kingston Card, when Card fill up the camera Lock up with red LED flashing, and it can only be stopped by pressing the reset button inside the C1.
Pluggin the camera into the computer while the red LED is flashing result in no camera found by the computer.

First file L0000001, 28-03-2014-08:03
last file L0000047, 28-03-2014-11:11
7.01 Mb free memory on Card.

I am wondering why the cam wouldent loop just a Little on the 16 Gb Card when it was able to do that for a while on a simmilar ( brand / type ) 32 Gb Card.

The innovv C1 is a Little hot after a recording session like this, but not so hot that i think it is termal shutdown that stop the sessions. ( i am not aware how the C1 behave after a termal shutdown )

Now to try with the 32Gb lexar Card.
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My first run with adata 32g. FAT32..cpu usb cable..a 1.5 amp usb pwr, 1 min , g-sensor at med, auto power-on
few observations..
Started with just red flashing
stopped to see if L00001 exists. yes it is there and ok. about 10 files created..
reformat the the whole card using sdformatter

restart using a different computer usb supply 500ma
got red flash and 3 yellow quick flashes.o_Oo_O
ran 2 hrs.. still got the same flasheso_Oo_O
stopped and recorded "L" files.. no corruptions. got 22g space left
went to bed..
restart with 1.2 a supply this morning..flashing red only...probably another 3 hrs to see result.

result: it loops...32g adata card has 198 meg free space left. 1min clip is 118 meg/file.

One thing...C1 does not like cards handled by Win7..if you delete a file in window ...Win7 will come back it could not read card.
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No luck with my 32 gb Lexar Card either, i will retry with the lexar 32 Gb Card, but this time i will format it first using sdformatter in stead of in camera formatting.

Recording yet Again :D