Is firmware update 2.x abandoned/cancelled for DR750LW-2CH?

Discussion in 'DR750LW-2CH' started by DJ_Cas, Jul 14, 2016.

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    I see that BlackVue updates 550-650 models but not 750. Why? Such a high-end camera doesn't have any firmware upgrades like Cloud?
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    The blackvue 750 has a serious manufacturing defect that many people including myself have discovered. The screen buttons stop working on many units or the location of the place on the screen moves outside the button location on the screen or it becomes completely unusable. It becomes impossible to format an microsd card for example or go into settings. I am trying to get this resolved for over a year. There are a few youtube videos on the problem:

    If you have this problem please leave a message here. It's possible to put together a class action lawsuit if Blackvue refuses to address these issues in a fair way to their customers. For all these reasons, my believe is they will not do updates and they wll hope this issue dies and disappears without them having to do anything to make things right. I'm not willing to let that happen.

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