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Jun 4, 2018
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Hi guys,

I'm getting paranoid.
Need some help.
Just received my A119S, and the video quality is far from what I have seen on youtube (unless youtube improves the video quality ;))
I used default settings, FW 2.4, GPS, CPL (tried without CPL, same result).
I also tried different angles, 30\60fps, and different exposures, no luck.

Can you please take a look at my footage and say if it's ok or I have got a defective\unfocused one?
Also the CPL makes the corners dark, especially right top corner, is it ok?

Please download, dropbox player makes the video even worse then it is.
It looks OK to me, much like my A119S.

TIP: Try orienting the camera a little downward so that the sky occupies like 40% or 1/3 from the image. If it is oriented upward too much, the brightness of the sky determines the scene exposure algorithm to make the image darker.
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I adjusted the CPL, increased EV, it looks better now, but still, reading plates of the cars that are not on my lane (even stopped cars) is close to impossible, especially on the right side.
And the black corners from the cpl filter are killing me :(
Does anyone else have it?


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The image looks like it's full of (compression?) artifacts, you should try using another card and see if it's better.
You should decrease it if you want lower exposure time for less motion blur and better plate reading.
I tried to decrease it too, it didn't help much. The CPL by itself makes it darker. I'll give it another try.
Thank you.
you should try using another card and see if it's better.
Unfortunately I don't have another class 10 card. I use this one

The memory card does not affect the focus.
I think I found a solution.
I used a custom MOD firmware with bitrate 28, and lower contrast (-20).
CPL, EV-2/3, no WDR.
I'm satisfied for now, thanks you!!!
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Can you link me the custom firmware please
Thanks will look and does this lower the contrast by -20?
It will reduce the sharpness by 20.
With the 15 file you will get more sharp image, I didn't try it.
The 20 file worked just fine. I also reduced the exposure to -2/3, and used CPL filter. It improved the video quality a lot.
Try it out, I didn't believe it would help, but it did.
I also confused sharpness with contrast. Thanks to gse, he explained it to me.

You can always go back to the original firmware.
Thanks for the link and will try it out over the next few days.
Installed the modified firmware with your above settings and here is my results. A little dark in some areas but I think WDR would highlight those areas.

As you will see if you look at this clip there is an area where it's very Dark and I think WDR would brighten this up making it near perfect besides the over saturated colours.

I just tried, WDR made it worse.
It looked less focused.