Issues with Koonlung KS1 - looking for front camera


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Sep 9, 2018
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I have a Kooklung KS1 set. It has a base unit and 2 cameras. I purchased it new about 3-4 years ago. It was always a little flaky at times but always seemed to work. About 8-12 months ago it started to get real flaky and would not turn off but actually re-boot itself over and over. I finally took some time to diagnose the issue. The front camera appears to be the cause. With the front camera plugged in, it does not run properly and reboots over and over. If I plug the rear camera into the front port all is well. There is something wrong with the front camera. When plugged in, the unit starts to have issues.

I would like to purchase a new (or used) front camera. But I can not find one. I have sent several emails to Koonlung but have not had any reply. I don't really care to purchase an entire new cam. I would rather make this one work. Does anyone know how I might be able to obtain a front camera?

Thanks in advance.
I have an extra new Koonlung K1S front camera. $5.00 plus shipping. Send me private message if interested.


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I also have a front camera (1 used and 1 brand new, unused) but I think is quite expensive the shipping from Romania to USA....
But ... when I was using k1s, I suspected a similar problem, but not to the front camera itself, but on the connector or cable of the front camera ! I know that in some positions of the connector, the main unit was not starting and the connector was getting warm. If I was moving somehow the cable or usb connector .... i was able to find a position were it was properly working ..
Looking for
Koonlung K1s front camera.Suddenly started to look all distorted video.Like oversaturation.
Swapped with rear and the issue follows
Any ideas
Best regards