ITB-100HD Date and time is off, how to correct?


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Jan 22, 2013
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My camera has been working fine for about 3 years. Not sure if after a firmware update, or for no reason, the data and time in the file names and time stamp is not correct.

It was like that for months now. Will not correct itself from GPS.

The correct date is:
05-10-2016 hour: 2:00pm (or 14:00)
The file names show:
Time stamp on the video is: Date: 2016/05/06 Time: 20:00:59

So it is about 4 days and 6 hours behind the correct time.

How can I correct this or fix it?

Today I had a road rage incident and not even sure that I can show the video to someone with the wrong date and time on it. I could crop it, but would like to have the correct time for the future.

Please help!

Just found a thread. It might be because of the internal battery. Just ordered one from ebay. Will see if it helps:
MS621FE Seiko rechargeable/secondary lithium battery 3V 5.5mAh
I am not sure I'm capable of soldering a battery on. Will need to see who I can get it done by.
any of those little mobile phone repair places that most shopping centers have these days would have the right tools to be able to do this