just adjusted my camera focus.


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Mar 12, 2013
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from blur to nice with an 1/8th of a turn of lens. my back one is a bit out as well, thats next.

Big difference - how did you adjust the focus?
might have to do a video. took 4 screws out of the back cover, pulled that off, removed lens housing from the housing a little bit along with the ratchetting mechanism, separated the plastic lens housing to get to the actual lens, 2 pairs of pliers to break the glue seal and lock ring loose carefully, twisted lens, and tested and repeat a few times and put back together.
It can be a good idea to mark the start point for the focus, but it is often very little turn of the lens that is needed to get back in the sweet spot.

When i do it i test focus both in my apartment ( shorter distance / 6 M or so ) but also out my living room window at a house on the other side of the street.
You cant really use the AV out many cameras have as it is only SD resolution, it would be nice if it was HDMI instead as i have seen on some action cameras at least, that way you can adjust " live " while you watch the HD feed on your TV.

Trial and error will also work, what i do from 0 is turn the lens a few degreed and then record some / stop recording, then turn lens a few more degrees and record a little again, i do that a few times, and then preview the footage on my computer.

This way i can see that the focus are there or very close in my #3 recording, so i can go back to 0 and then turn 3 X " a few degrees " to get there or very close, then repeat a few times more with even more minute adjustments until you are 100 % happy about the result.
Rerally the worst part is taking the camera apart, and then loosening the lens, that are often locked with something that look a little like hot glue between the lens and the mount for the lens