Just bought ThinkWare U1000 - Need Battery Pack and LTE


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Jan 3, 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all
I have just bought a U1000 for my Audi RSQ3 that I am picking up today cant wait!!, I have just bought the ThinkWare U1000 with Front, Rear Cameras and Radar, I am now looking to buy an External battery pack and with the idea of having a Hotspot / LTE in the vehicle so I can view at anytime any suggestions what to go for?

I was looking at the BlackVue B-124x but wasn't sure if it would work with my dashcam, I have also noticed it has a USB can this be used to power a LTE dongle?

Thanks in advance :)

Don't think the LTE is usable at the same time as the radar, as I understand it, the radar puts the U1000 into sleep mode with nothing enabled except for the radar and impact sensor, and it only wakes up if the radar detects movement. However it will use so little power while sleeping that the external battery is probably not required.

Someone else can answer about the battery pack better than me, but I think the simple answer is "yes".
Congrats on the setup! I'm excited for you getting an RSQ3 too, lol.

So the USB port does work when parked so you can use it to power an LTE dongle. That's what I do. I've found it tricky to find a good LTE dongle that works over USB and automatically powers on without you having to press the power button on the LTE device for times once the battery starts up again after being fully drained.

I've modified an OBD II dongle to run off USB, but it can be a bit flaky. If someone has a suggestion for a good USB powered LTE dongle, I'd be curious too.