K1 video quality worse than C3..


Jan 6, 2015
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United States
I've moved from a C3 to a K1 on my bike. Some initial ride videos suggest the video quality from the K1 is MUCH lower than I got from the C3.
The C3 generated files with a bit rate of about 20 Kbps.
The K1, even with it's much wider field of view (more data in), produces only 10 Kbps front and 5K rear.

Is the rate lower because it's recording two streams at once?
Is anyone else getting better results? (windows: File properties, Details, Total Bitrate.)
the single channel Novatek will outperform the dual channel Ambarella, if they up the bitrate on the dual channel Ambarella it becomes unreliable
Thanks. I suppose it's sufficient for dash cam use, but one big problem is that it won't resolve plate numbers unless you're right on top of them.
I suppose I could have installed a second C3 for the rear view, but I also wanted the screen for faster configuration and time setting, which is a pain on the C3.

I'm going to do a side by side test of C3 vs K1, and if the K1 is really as bad as it looks initially, I may scrap it (Already modified one of the camera housings, so I can't return it)
I'm also concerned about reports of the K1 battery swelling / overheating. (My C3 is cap version with a lithium backup battery for clock)
heat is less of an issue on a bike, batteries swell due to the higher ambient temps of locked cars parked in the sun, they use a GoPro battery also so it is possible to buy a decent quality replacement battery if need be
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