K2 install on 2007 Suzuki Vstrom DL1000


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Jun 27, 2018
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Sorry, no pics yet. But I do have some notes:

-I found there was enough slack in all the cables & wires to install the K2's DVR either under the seat, or somewhere in front.

-The floor of the under-seat compartment is not actually flat, it arches in the middle. Lousy match for the perfectly-flat DVR back. I guess you could make a shim or something, but I didn't want it under there anyway, so...

-My DVR is stuck to inside of right fairing with automotive adhesive. Should get plenty of ventilation there, while also being protected from the weather and casual theft.

-GPS antenna sits on top case adapter plate. If you have the stock Suzuki tail, should be somewhere there you can stick the GPS antenna. Top of tail seemed the best place, as it has a good view of the sky.

-There isn't a great place to mount the front camera, with a stock DL1000. Lots of plastic, not many metal bits with a clear forward view.

-Fortunately, I had an accessory shelf that sits just above the dash, right behind the hole in my California Scientific windshield. I'll need to drill a hole in the shelf to hard-mount the L-bracket included with the K2. Bracket is temporarily secured there with 3M automotive trim tape.

-I hung the rear camera off the bottom of my top case plate. Not super-sure where you'd put it on a stock DL1000 - same problem as front, lots of plastic!

-K2 power box is stuck to inside of right frame member, near the rear fuel tank support. Again, 3M trim tape to the rescue.
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