Latest garmin with motion detection while parked?


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Jul 13, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi All

As the title says, what model was the last/latest to use motion detection when in parking mode?
DC56. Parking cable accessory is necessary.
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Thank you. Ordered the 56 and I will move the mini 2 to the rear. Initially I was just going to use two mini 2. However the more I have looked the more I like the extra with the 56
I have two 56's, one front, one rear, both with the parking mode cables.
So much choice.
This modern dash cam thing so much different from my fit and forget.
I have already binned the motion detection from the 56 as the card just filled with my washing line flapping about.

I like the vault with the mini 2 but it is only going to be useful when I get home so nice but not really that practical.
I like the longer capture of the 56 on button press so bonus there.
The 2k of the 56 is definitely better.

So, ultimately I have a 56 up front, a mini 2 at the rear and I can't decide if I'm happy. I think I am, after all I have more than I had before, better picture, better recoding, I have an extra mini 2 that will probably go back.