Loop recording stops when card full


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Dec 30, 2021
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I have been using a Mobius V1 with a 64GB card and supercap as a dasscam for ages. Recently it stopped recording and I decided I had card problems so replaced the card and formatted in camera. All worked fine for a time then stopped.

It looks as though when the card is full the camera cannot start overwriting earlier clips.

It's possible I have changed something, but I don't know what.

Any ideas?
Check to make sure you have loop recording enabled. Then check your video clip length. If set to Max, change it to 3 or five minutes.

Loop record set, time 5 mins set. How it’s always been
Loop record set, time 5 mins set. How it’s always been

OK, then maybe try reinstalling the firmware and then reformatting the memory card again.

With troubleshooting one needs to start with the most obvious possibility and go from there.
Firmware reinstalled, card initialised in camera, loop recording on. Everything stops as soon as card is full. If i manually delete recording 001 it will record again but not from the begining, just one more file and it alll stops again
Never heard of this problem before. What memory card are you using? Consider trying a different size/brand of memory.

Also, try a manual reset. Using a bent paper clip, briefly press the reset button in the hole on the rear of the camera (to the left of the red LED with the camera powered up). This procedure is usually only done if the camera is frozen up but it won't hurt anything and it is worth a try if there is an unexplained glitch.

Well, a simple solution! A compound of error/actions.
Originally I think I had a card error, well it has been in there in use for a long time. Card formatted, camera plugged into computer to get right date and time. Whilst doing this I wondered why i have chosen to use .mov as format and changed it to .mp4

Seems .mp4 does not work with loop recording. Changed to .mov and all is well again.

Thanks for suggestions