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Nov 12, 2013
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I'm aware that the 0805 firmwares are hosted on the 0805 faq page as well but since a not too small amount of requests (0,56% of all requests) 404'd on my page I decided to add 0805 firmwares as well.



There are not very much 0805 firmwares around atm which seems a bit strange. If you got a 0805 with 2015 firmware let me know and I'll give you instructions on how to extract it from the camera.
My wife's 0805 turned up last week with 20150115.
As above, My camera arrived yesterday and firmware is listed as 20150115 v1.0
What is nice is I ordered the 0803 from Amazon UK and received the 0805 in the 0803 box :D
Yep, my 0805 arrived today with FW20150115 v1.0.
People need to know to modify the filename from a7.6p.autoexec.ash to autoexec.ash
Put the autoexec.ash file into the root of the MicroSD card, start the camera and wait. After process is complete you will find a file named backup.bin into the root of the SD Card.

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I found mini 0805 firmwares in this website:

It looks like there are two different hardwares for the mini0805 (original release until Jan 2015 & new release from Feb 2015 (updated firmware for the new release is not available currently)).
Mine should be the origianl as I bought it in the last year, but I haven't flashed it on my unit yet so I don't know the version of the firmware.

I hope this would help..
I already checked that page and the firmware build date was Sept.14 if I remember correctly 0_o

Soo one might think the old 0805 is a 0803??
I already checked that page and the firmware build date was Sept.14 if I remember correctly 0_o

Soo one might think the old 0805 is a 0803??
I checked this now. I got the firmware from this page: (archived in case of dead link: )
"Deze firmware is alleen geschikt voor de originele Mini 0805 Ambarella DVR Dashcam met GPS + optioneel intern geheugen"
= "This firmware is only for the original Mini 0805 Ambarella Dashcam DVR with GPS + optional internal memory"

Huh, 0805? Interesting. It's build date is 2014-08-26 and the version number is 20140826 v1.0

0805 was released in 11/2014.. Errr..

Tried to flash it on my 0803 - and it works
0805 firmwares don't work 0n 0803 (already tried this with a beta 0805 firmware a few month ago)

Conclusion: They sold 0803 labeled as 0805. Now they are going to sell a "new" 0805 which is probably the real 0805. But the one one from January was a 0803.

One more reason to avoid I guess....
Oh wow - they really are taking the proverbial.

They've been named and shamed once for saying the 0806 was a fake but those are some real underhand tactics to shift old stock.
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Anybody know what has changed in the 20150115 release?

I think that I just Bricked 0805...
After a Firmware update... it won't turn on. No bootloader or nothing. Old firmware was FW20141204 V1.0

I tried with "DirectUSB" and the PC won't notice the camera when connected with USB, but when it's connected and I press the "power" button. Then the DirectUSB sees it "Found 1 AMBA device!" And cam's blue led lights. But no image or nothing on the screen.
But how can I load a new Loader and/or firmware into the Cam

I tried to follow this video:
But no success there...
I'm missing the knowledge, what file, board and bootloader to choose?
And I didn't get the OTG cable part to the 0805 model... how can I connect it to the PC?
I have tried following setting in DirectUSB software:
Board: A7lrdb (seems that this is the only one to found the cam)
Bootloader: 0805_20141204-1CARD-GPS.elf (downloaded to PC)
Firmware: 20141204 (downloaded in PC)

So any help would be appreciated.
I don't understand why people are not using the program described into the video description and they are choosing some other version? Why? Because have a different name and is looking like a newer version? If there is a recommendation to use DirectUSB Universal then that program should be used.
Also is described to buy an OTG USB cable.

Hi Mtz,

I have to clarify a bit. I't "bricked" with another firmware, using a SD card. (Like the normal way to update)
After "normal" firmware update... the 0805 would not turn on. And even reboot would not help.

So I use Google, and found The Video.
And no offence... I did as the description mentioned. I did use the DirectUSB Universal, what was linked in description,
and downloaded .ELF file to 0805 Cam as description...
And I own a OTG cable and this android looking OTG adapter, but I did not use it...

I cannot figure out, what to do with OTG cable. Because it won't fit to my Windows PC... :confused:

So I don't blame the software for anything... I just don't know how to use it.

So far the PC recognize the 0805 as "DirectUSB device". And the software connect with the 0805 and sees "1 AMBA device".
I have made steps 1 to 7, "EraseNand" and "Download" with success. But Nothing change in camera.
I guess that, I have not select correct files for it. Or OTG has to be used somehow...

So please provide more detailed answers instead of questions... (with all due respect :))
This is showing me that you are not using DirectUSB Universal:
Board: A7lrdb (seems that this is the only one to found the cam)
DirectUSB II.jpg

This is DirectUSB Universal:
DirectUSB Universal.jpg

To use that OTG adapter I think you need to have an USB-A male to male adapter.
But if your camera is recognized by PC software maybe you already connected it so is better to show us some screenshots like in the video so people with experience to give advices based on more information.


Now seeing those attached images... I have to agree, that I did use the "wrong" DirectUSB.
Even tho, I downloaded both (Don't know why?) And in my mind, I was installing the right one.
Apparently not...:D (slightly ashamed)

I'll try it again, later on today. With proper OTG cable and right software version.