Mini 0902 wifi

@Joy , @jokiin

I am having a problem with my Mini 0902. The WiFi feature does not work after I reset the password using TonView. How can I factory reset the unit?

  1. Pressing reset while the unit is running does not help
  2. Press and hold reset button, then connect power. Does not do it either
The camera records as normal but has no wifi.
I just got this camera and its pretty bad/unstable. I have the 1.2.2 firmware and with a 64GB sandisk card its resetting a lot. The Sandisk card has been used in my tablet with 100% no issues for months.

Also the manual doesn't tell you what the sounds mean, the start chime is obvious but what to 4 beeps mean?, High, low, High, low.. I've also heard 4 bongs all the same, no idea what that is either.

The lack of screen makes it VERY difficult what issues are when it doesn't work :(

It looks like there is a memory leak with the firmware, on my SD card is a file called "error.log" and this is inside the file

version=CarCam-A755-01-V1.2.2, reboot_count=1, worktime=22min, error_type=memory runout!, error_time=2016-04-26 16:45:04

Sometimes it goes into a boot loop for 20 times eventually starts working (maybe heat related?). I formatted microsd because I thought it was corrupt (previous log had 27 reboots in 1 day)

Is there newer firmware available?
try a different memory card, Sandisk are quality cards but not a good choice for dashcam use

Thank you for the advice, I will buy another card later today. What I found is with the new scripts in this thread the 1080p videos are VERY good, default settings were very poor... new videos have following characteristics

VIDEO: [H264] 1920x1080 24bpp 29.970 fps 14690.9 kbps (1793.3 kbyte/s)
Clip info:
major_brand: avc1
minor_version: 0
compatible_brands: avc1isom

I seem to be able to get around 20 mins of video with the sandisk before device goes into boot loop. Checking the SD card all videos are fine except the last one the camera created, which wont play at all. Lets see what a new card does, and thank you very much for responding, big thank you to whomever posted the the autoexec.ash file above for the new bitrates, I cant stress how much better the videos look with the new settings (and memory cards are cheap so getting a big one is no issue).


sorry the autoexec.ash script is in another thread on this forum :)