Mobius doesn’t record the final file


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Jan 23, 2014
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Hello to all,
I use a Mobius since 2014. It worked fine with the original battery until last month.
I found out during a routine check of the records that Mobius fail to keep the time and date and doesn’t record the final file.
I bought a capacitor and I replaced the old battery with the new capacitor.
Now the time and date are hold correctly, but the camera still doesn’t record the final file.
Please help me to solve this issue.
Thank you.
When you are using a capacitor in a Mobius, make sure you have 'Power-Off Disconnect' set to Immediate so that the camera closes the final file before shutting down.

I have followed your advice and the issue is solved. Now the camera save the last file.
Thank you again.

But now it hapens something new.
The camera begin the record when I turn the key in position ON.
The camera stops the record at engine ignition and doesn't restart the record.
The camera starts only if I unplug and replug the power cable.
The camera didn't have this behavior when was powered by battery.

I need your help again to solve this.
In some cars, when power-off disconnect is set to Immediate, the camera shuts down if it loses power while the car's engine is started. You can try the '10s' option which is what I used in my car to fix this problem - the capacitor keeps the camera running until the USB power supply is restored. If this does not work, I think the only solution is to go back to a battery.
The '10s' option was set from beginning on the camera. But the camera doesn't record the last file with this setting.
So, I guess I have to go back to a battery, like you said.
Thank you for clarifications.