MPH incorrect when using DataKam Player?


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Jul 26, 2016
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United Kingdom

Just got the Ausdom A261 dashcam which i'm very happy with. However, the software it comes with is well pretty rubbish really!

I've done a bit of research and people are liking the Datakam Player which although seems to work well with the generated clips seems to get the MPH totally incorrect.

I've set it to MPH but going down a road I know I was doing around 30 it was saying 60-70MPH!!

Another piece of software I've seen is called "Dashcam Viewer" but that costs money. However, the 5 demo clips it shows does at least get the speed correct!

Anyone got any ideas?
the author of Registrator Viewer was unfortunately killed in an accident late last year so updates won't happen like they used to, if Dashcam Viewer works for you then might be time to think about getting the paid version
Oh dear that's terrible, completely understand that.
Many thanks for the reply, yes may look at upgrading Dashcam Viewer unless anyone else can think of a better one?
Ok thanks for the quick reply, I'll go for Dashcam Viewer as it does what I'm looking for.

Many thanks again.