My dashcam reset to default settings randomly


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May 30, 2016
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I could have sworn I saw a post or thread about this but sure couldn't find it in over an hour of searching.

I got my second A119 V3 a few months ago after having my first one for over a year without issues. I decided to just leave one in my personal car and needed one to leave in my company vehicle so I wouldn't have to keep removing one cam and swapping vehicles.

It's been working great as expected until yesterday when I was checking out videos I had saved and noticed that the sound was turned on. I always turn that off (because all a viewer would hear is me cussing out the morons I captured in the video) so I knew something happened. Then I noticed the camera info displayed in the lower right and I always have that off as well.

All the videos had been taken with the camera set to default settings. It was fine a couple days ago when I last removed the card to copy off saved videos. No idea what caused it as my first camera never did that once in over a year, running in the same vehicle with the exact same setup for power and the same settings.

FYI, F/W is 2.4 which I've been running for a few weeks. I checked videos from today and they are fine with the camera still setup the way I did it last night, through many startups during the day while at work.

Anyone else had this happen?

Any idea what might have caused it?
I had the same issue and running the latest mod version. Don’t know the cause either.
If you are running a MOD firmware and have problems, the first thing you should do is try out a factory firmware to rule out that aspect.
I'm running stock F/W since I don't have a need for the mod version.
I've had settings return to default after a firmware update but otherwise all OK