Need home security camera with intermittent wifi


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Dec 16, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hello. I've been trying to work out which camera to buy and its very confusing. I hope someone can advise me. I live in a shared house and the internet is switched off at night. I need a camera to watch over the front of the property which is the only access. As I'm away regularly it would be good to be able to check the live feed (when the wifi is on). But the camera needs to store to the cloud (as cheaply as possible if not free) or to a hard drive (if I can access this via ftp/internet). I've been looking at motion detection or PIR cameras but there is a pavement in front of the property which is very popular with walkers. So the camera will be triggered regularly and the storage must be able to handle a lot of recordings. Audio would be useful. I've been warned that a certain person is going to target my property or car and I want to make sure that I have good quality evidence if anything happens. I'd appreciate any suggestions. I should add that it is a two storey building and there is the option to hardwire a camera as my friend is an electrician who has offered to help.
I can only speak of my Yi Home camera system and app from experience. On the "free" plan, my cameras upload 6 second clips to the cloud whenever a trigger (motion or sound) is activated. The caveat is that you'll need to be connected to an internet connection for this to happen. If your camera is not connected when these recordings take place, they will not be uploaded at all but will still be available in their entire length in the installed SD card. Basically, you will not have any cloud recordings in the morning if the camera's connection has been down all night. These things will vary from system to system.
Proper CCTV cameras you can most often specify where in the picture you want motion detect or other technologies to be active, but then you are outside the "cheap" wifi home security systems like yi / Arlo and many other cloud cameras..
I use IP cameras which offload to a NVR box with a 2 TB harddrive in it, and it and the connected cameras i can access over the internet from my phone.

I used motion detect covering 1 M or so around my car, and it only triggered if something big like a person got within that zone, cats and other critters did not trigger a alarm ( the camera was recording all the time, just needed a motion detect alarm too so i could step in as judge and jury )
And my NVR and cameras are not the expensive ones by any means, the NVR are a 4 channel Dahua and the cameras a range on low tier brand cameras.
I've had good experience with Hikvision IP cameras. Very rich feature set and very reliable. At the moment I am using DS-2CD2425FWD-IW 2.8MM but I'm sure they have better, newer models.