Parasitic power draw?


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Jul 7, 2014
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I believe there should be a short time delay and then the unit should completely power off. My battery (a few years old now) reads 12.68 V at the terminal when fully charged but only 12.48V at the Denali powerhub, where I have the B1M unit hooked up. So there is a voltage drop due to distance and wire size. If the function of the constant power draw is to keep the internal clock charged, well I think 32 mA is too much. Surely the internal clock battery would last quite a while and could be recharged whilst riding. At the moment I park my bike in the garage so I'll just attach the trickle charger. However I'll try moving the constant power lead over to the switched side and see what happens to the unit on power down. If I lose the last file that's probably fine.
If you know anything about electronics, you can power the camera via a diode, which will drop the voltage arriving at the camera by eg 0.6 volts, so the camera will then power off at a voltage 0.6 volts higher than before - might help?