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Mar 2, 2020
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I'm having a couple of issues recently with the 512 GW fitted to my wife's car. The first is that the protect mode is being triggered without pressing the protect button. Looking at the footage it seems to happen when she hits a bump like a speed ramp. The parking mode is off and the car is hardwired.

The second issue is that every time the car is started the rear camera needs to be reset. I have the same setup in my camera and this never happens unless the cable is disconnected.

I was going to contact Nextbase but the 512 GW is no longer listed under the models that they support on their site.

Hello Peter,

The G-Sensor is activating the Protected File, instead of Parking Mode. If you do not want abnormal G-force to trigger the camera (bumps etc), you can turn the G-Sensor down, or off, in the Settings.

1) Turn the Dash Cam on
2) Stop it recording
3) Press the Menu Button once to enter the Video Menu.
4) Scroll down to ‘G-Sensor’
5) Set this to Low, or Off.

This is on page 30, point 14 of the manual, which can be found on the 512GW Support Page:

What SD brand, model, size and class do you have please?
When was it purchased?
How often is the card formatted?

Please remove the SD card, then press the reset button on the underside of the Dash Cam. Then, without the SD card inserted, please plug in the rear camera and then turn on the front Camera. Does the front and rear camera now show normally?

Millie- Nextbase Support
Thanks for the quick response Millie. The G-Sensor was set to "medium", I have now switched it to "off".

The SD card is a Transend Hi Endurance which was fitted around the time the camera was bought, so its a few years old now. As my wife is a "fit and forget" type of person the camera would not have been formatted frequently. I will do as you suggest and check it then. I have just removed the camera from the car in as we are changing it next week. I will check it when I reinstall it in the new car, hopefully these measures will sort the problem.

Thanks again,

I had a similar trancend die on me before i got to fill it one time, but in all fairness the replacement i still have and it also work fine, but it is not in regular use just part of my test suite of memory cards.

Testing the memory card with H2testw or another benchmark program like crystaldiskmark might be a good idea, remember to do full test of all memory space on the card not just a little free space on the card.
It will take a while on the computer if it is a 64GB card or larger, but you can do other stuff as it run in the background.
Or I could just swop it to my 512GW :). Bur seriously a good idea to check it to eliminate that as a problem.