Review: Rexing V1LG 1080p + 720p Dual Dashcam with GPS Logger


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May 31, 2014
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More than I can review. ;)
Rexing sent this camera for review. Thank you Eric.
Product site:
This is slanted/angled and comes with a very thin mount that allows it to be mounted flat against the windshield. The shape is similar to Rexing V1 but size is almost one and half bigger.
PROS: Dual channel. Front camera video is good.
CONS: Big size, rear camera video is not great even in daytime due to low bit rate, night is dark unless there's street light.
Very low bit rate, specially for the rear camera.
Unboxing and Sample Videos of Rexing V1 (upgraded) Dashcam with Sony IMX 323 Sensor

Package contents: The camera comes with the following:
  1. Front Dash Came
  2. Rear Camera
  3. Rear camera microUSB to microUSB cable
  4. Flat mount with double sided 3M adhesive tape for the mount
  5. Proprietary car USB Charger with on/off button
  6. Driver CD
  7. Kingston 16GB microSD card
  8. Plastic tool to take adhesive off
  9. Cable management tabs
  10. Manual

Rexing V1LG side by side with V1 Dashcam: Dual camera Rexing V1LG (big camera) side by side with V1 (small camera).






Folders, Files and Bit Rate:
Root folder has CARDV folder that has MOVIE sub folder where all the files are located.
Event/triggered files are in RO folder.
File names have date and time so easy to locate a particular file.
Front video files have A at the end and rear video files have B at the end.
Front Overall bit rate is 10.9 mbps with video @ 9.4 mbps and audio @ 512 kbps.
Rear Overall bit rate varies from 2.3 mbps with video @ 1.17 mbps to 4.3 mbps with video @ 3.6 mbps.

Rexing V1LG Dual Dashcam Folders and files.JPG

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Rexing V1LG and V1 (upgraded) from outside and inside the vehicle:


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Day and night video screenshots:

2017_0625_121723_007A.MOV_20170625_214617.077.jpg 2017_0625_121723_007A.MOV_20170625_214627.173.jpg

2017_0625_011058_003A.MOV_20170625_214056.776.jpg 2017_0625_011058_003A.MOV_20170625_214116.920.jpg 2017_0625_011058_003A.MOV_20170625_214130.008.jpg 2017_0625_011058_003A.MOV_20170625_214138.639.jpg
Here's an ahole flipping me just because he can't make a left turn in front of me.
Impatient drivers like this stupid are the ones who make driving a challenge.
I was just coming my own way. Probably I should have looked behind me and driven faster so he can turn quicker.

Fragment of 2017_0628_184712_011A.MOV_20170628_192155.319.jpg


Few more clips:
Front: Car in front almost runs over a ped.


Fragment of 2017_0628_180507_003A.MOV_20170628_191055.575.jpg
Fragment of 2017_0628_180507_004B.MOV_20170628_191105.430.jpg
Fragment of 2017_0628_184712_012B.MOV_20170628_192300.132.jpg

Registrator viewer showing gps log:
GPS logger rexing v1lg.jpg
looks quite bulky compared to the older model
Yes, much bigger in size. Probably due to dual channel.
I just saw this dashcam at bestbuy and started researching it, I currently use a gopro for drive recording but of course it doesnt give me a parking mode or such. As such I am looking into a dedicated dash cam. Would you recommend this one? does it have a parking mode and accident marking and such?

Edit: I found there is a Parking mode in the expert firmware, Can you disable the speed stamp on it though or is that not possible?
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