Samsung 128GB micro sd pro endurance card not working properly with 512GW.


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Oct 31, 2017
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i bought the above card to use in my 512GW with 22.5 firmware and it refuses to play nice, so i tried it in our other 512GW and same issues. it was bought from Amazon sold by Amazon. done a full write test and it checks out.

the symptoms are it will initially start recording then stop or on the other 512gw it will sometimes keep recording even when the car is left parked for the day.

can the firmware be fixed to make this card compatible?

I'm afraid that it sounds like the SD card is not compatible for use with the camera and I would not recommend further use of the SD card within your 512GW. The firmware on the 512GW is fully up to date.
I would recommend replacing the SD card with a different brand and model. For a 512GW I'd recommend a Dash Cam compatible 8GB -128GB U1 or U3 Micro SD card, specifically designed for Dash Cam or CCTV usage. Using a dash cam compatible SD card instead should then allow your Dash Cam to function as designed.

For guaranteed functionality and warranty of the SD card itself, I'd suggest a Nextbase Micro SD card.

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Nextbase Technical Support
i did accidentally put the wrong name in the title. should be samsung pro endurance.
Over the years of watching posts here there have been many instances of 'endurance' cards failing to work properly whilst my 128Gb Samsung Evo Plus card has been working for nearly 4 years now without issue.

My impression is that whatever has been done for the endurance bit just doesn't suit some dashcams. When endurance cards were first introduced their write speed was low. Is that still the case or is it some other endurance technology affecting writing.
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