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Mar 2, 2018
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I would like to share my feedback about the action camera SJCAM SJ5000x Elite

Purchase: I bought this along with car mount from SJCAM official store on Aliexpress in December 2015. I received this in end of January 2016.

SJCAM SJ5000X Elite Action Camera WiFi 4K 24fps 2K 30fps

SJCAM Car Charger Mount + Suction Cup Bracket Car Holder With Car Charger for SJ4000 WiFi M10 SJ5000x SJCAM Action Camera

I bought this entire set for around 140$ at that time.

Purpose : I bought this primarily to be used as dashcam based on online review on video quality. It has car mode which makes use as dashcam easier.

Form factor : SJCAM due to its mount is not inconspicuous and is clearly visible, hence it might not have the best form factor to be used as dashcam.


Car Mount: This looked promising initially since there was no vibration notices in videos but gave way within 4 months. I reached out to SJCAM store and they mentioned that mount is not covered under warranty and I need to buy a new one. I was expecting this to last but the plastic material used in the mount became brittle in summer heat. Here is picture of mount after using it for 4 months


SJCAM 5000x Elite Black : I had bought this based on online reviews and feedback from others users. My primary use for this was dashcam but I chose this instead of typical dashcam since I thought video quality would be better. I was a newbie and did not look at the advantages of capacitor based dashcam. However video quality lived upto my expectations and I was happy with this until it dies one fine day.

SJCAM 5000x.jpg

Here are few sample videos/images

SJCAM 5000X ELITE 1920x1080 (2).jpg


SJCAM 5000X ELITE 1920x1080 (3).jpg


SJCAM 5000X ELITE 1920x1080 (4).jpg


SJCAM 5000X ELITE 1920x1080.jpg


SJCAM 5000X ELITE 3840X2160 (2).jpg


SJCAM 5000X ELITE 3840X2160.jpg


SJCAM Support: This camera was working fine until one day ( November 2016) when I connected this to car using SJCAM cigratte lighter charger. I was occupied with other things and left this camera in this condition. Basically I was able to use this camera for less than one year where I had to buy car mount second time.

I opened ticket with SJCAM support somewhere in June 2017 and got following reply

Thank you for contacting SJCAM support.
Our first suggestion is to contact your re-seller first, as they may be closer to you and provide a faster solution than sending the camera directly to our office in China.
In case they are not able to offer help, SJCAM Technical Department offers a maintenance service. The steps of such service are: 1. You ship the camera directly to our Technical Department address at your own cost (it is located in Shenzhen, China).2. We check and repair the camera. The repair process usually takes about 3-5 working days.3. We ship the camera back to you.
Note: The whole process usually takes about 20-30 days, and if your camera doesn't have damage on the main-board, screen or lens, the maintenance will be free, but we charge 15$ as return shipping cost. If you accept these terms, please confirm with us and we will send you the shipping address. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Best Regards,
SJCAM Support Team

I told them that I am based in India it would be a hassle to send this camera to China and asked for local support.

Thank you for contacting SJCAM support.
Would you please check the information below to get the details of our official distributor in India ?
Company : Brain Freezer Phone Number : +91-9899425678Email : support@sjcamhd.inWebsite :
Best Regards,
SJCAM Support Team

I called India distributor and then told me that the don't have local repair option and I would need to send this to China. I did not want to go though the hassle of sending this to China since I was not 100% sure if this is restricted item and whether it will pass though easily through customs.
Moreover I was not sure about the cost involved in repair along with an additional shipping cost (15$).

Since SJCAM is trying to compete with mainstream product companies they need to invest time and money in after sales support. They should not lets customers fend for themselves after sales. Even though there are several new models from SJCAM I wont buy another camera from them since this experience has left a question mark on reliability of their products and hassle involved in getting after sales support.

Help needed : If some has faced similar issue with this camera or has experience in repair please help me. I am not keen on sending this camera to China and then being asked to pay 100$ + 15 $ to repair/replace main board.



Sep 18, 2013
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Lol..saw this thread n couldn't not reply..

Ur cam is more than a yr old, past warranty, so the main board spolit n u want a free replacement post warranty period? Your cam spolit in Dec 16 n only raised RMA ticket in mid July17?? Too late for your procrastination.. Lol..u buy with your eyes wide open to the terms n condition of sale..same goes for the returns cost..dun blame others for your not reading the fine print..

The sjcam Indian distributor couldn't help n you chose not to send this faulty cam back to manufacturer to repair, so how do you want it to be done? They come to your house to pick it up? Lol...get real..

My help to you is just dump your defective unit n get a new one, it's not expensive n will save ur time to write such a long flowery article n your stress..just move cheap want good want