The simplest, smallest mount


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Apr 26, 2014
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Just thought I'd share the mount I have for my old DOD GS600 camera.

It came with a big suction cup that I quickly threw in the bin. It was big and didn't hold properly anyway.
I've also seen cameras some with double-sided mounting tape. No thanks - I don't want residue left on my windshield when the cheap camera craps out and I have to replace it. It's also too close to the windshield and makes the camera easier to see.

So here's mine: It's a $0.50 cable clamp wrapped around the rear-view mirror mount and then attached to the camera with the screw and cap that came with the suction cup mount.

Why can't all mounts be this simple, cheap and small?

interesting i might try to do something like this. the problem with something like this is not everyones mirror may fit your clamp. a double sided adhesive or suction mount will work on any car.

although i dont mind the 3M double sided tape, it doesnt leave any residue at all. it comes off very clean.
When another driver adjusts the mirror what happens to the camera???? Out of adjustment.
Dual lock tape comes off clean and if not a wipe with Turps and no trace left.
Used it recently in 3 rental cars and no trace except fingermarks in any of them.
It also allows you to remove camera easily if you need to.
Couldn't use your method in lots of modern cars that have a module against the screen below and in front of mirror as in this pic

When another driver adjusts the mirror what happens to the camera???? Out of adjustment.
Looks to be attached to the part of the mirror that doesn't move. At least in every car I have ever driven, the shaft of the mirror is stationary. :)

I've seen folks here using the brackets from a bicycle seat reflector.
In the 41 cars I have owned most have had a ball joint at each end of the mirror rod Just the newer ones that don't when they went to the knock out ones. Oldest car was a 1926 Essex (If you've ever heard of it) LOL
Well I don't go that far back - oldest I drove is a '75 Chevy but not sure many are pitting dashcam in those! So maybe not all I've driven but most ;)
I cannot remember ever having a vehicle (of any size) where the mirror mount/arm adjusts. I've only ever known the mirror itself to adjust via a ball & socket arrangement
All non-electrochromic (i.e. not auto-dimming) Mercedes RVM have ball joints on both ends of the rod, as far as I know (not even sure you can get it with current models though).
Good adhesive shouldn't leave much or any residue on your windshield. Even if it does, a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol removes it all. I find adhesive mounts to be the most secure and have the smallest form factor.