Two 'armed' road rage incidents, caught on video. (thailand)

dash riposki

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May 13, 2015
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The first shows what is reported to be a scammer, who bumped the other car and is demanding a cash payment on the spot, but refuses to wait for police or to exchange insurance info. They drives off and the car they hit chases them down....when the lady passenger draws her toy golf club to defend herself.
The car the lady is in and hit the other vehicle, possibly intentionally....has no license plate.

Then we have a dispute between a 'bus' and a car, with the 'bus' driver eventually pulling a knife from the back of his pants when the car driver charges him. Hard to see the knife.
The car driver has a change of attitude when the knife comes out.

He mutters something like an apology in southern Thai dialect and gets back in his car as both drivers go on their way.

Some people online thought the incident was funny with a comment on "Mem Pho Dam" referring to the car driver saying : "He came as a tiger and left as a little rabbit".