U1000 or something else? Battery drain problems


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May 6, 2023
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Hey, Im new here, i don't know what to do as i constantly have problems with my T130 Viofo dashcam
So I owner of bmw 640d , so 3 weeks ago i change my old mai70 dashcam (due to not recording anymore )
To a brand new T130 Viofo (3 channel) and then all problem begins..
Each morning I have a notification ''Increased battery discharge while stationary,” , so i thought it may be the battery itself, i bough a battery tester and i found out that i have only 29% health of my 105Ah AGM battery, so time to replace it for new one.
Thinking all problems were gone next morning i got the same 'Increased battery discharge while stationary'. ... I change the cut off setting to 12.2V on hardwire but still same..
So it must be a dash cam, I was thinking about buying a power cell but it too expensive as i have to buy 2 to have enough power to run this 3 channels camera as I drain 500mA.
So my question is about the Thinkware U1000 .. I found out it take around 10mA! so this is amazing .. only i don't understand a couple of things that's why I'm here
In order to enable energy save mode 2.0 do i need an optional Radar accessory?
Is it really that good in order to save energy?
As well I try to check the parasitic draw but I have no reading 000 when I got my multimeter between battery and - ( i set up 10A )
When you understand what the radar is good for, you understand its tremendous advantage. The dash cam goes from sleep mode to active mode when the radar detects something. That means you always get a pre-recording before something happens. Other cams have to wake up first from power saving mode and only record 1 second after something happened OR they keep recording all the time (so you habe also pre-recording), but then you get in trouble with your batterie, cause the massive power consumption.

Look here ->
(see parking mode options section 11:30min)

The new U3000 has the radar already build in (front and rear).

Whole month till it will arrive plus £529 and £169 battery giving £700 for dashcam .. quite expenisve.. hmm
I have a U1000 using the radar and a cellink neo battery and in parking mode I can get well over a week with plenty of battery life to spare. You must use a parking mode harness from the unit to the battery in order for things to work correctly. Yes its expensive but well worth it. I was using a viofo a129 pro dual which was complete garbage and I probably won't ever buy anything else from them again.
so best will be to wait for u3000 with radar as u1000 plus radar will be almost same price
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