Vico Power Plus with A119


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May 9, 2017
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Hello, I currently have a yellow top optima battery. I'm planning on buying a Vico Power Plus and a A119s camera to have it hardwired and record (not timelapse or motion detection) while parked in public streets. I wanted to know if the Vico Power Plus has a step down from 12volts to 5volts or would I need to purchase a step down, such as this item:
Also, I have heard the a119 cigar adapter does not fit the vico power plus.
The Vico Power Plus is designed to use your current car adapter. The car adapter will convert it to 5V.

Other users has stated that the supplied car adapter from the A119/A119S does not fit properly. You'd need to buy another.
Thank you guys! I might have to get the hardwire kit linked on my first post.