Video I shot going through Oregon last year

Great video, how did you edit that. I just got the unit and it has 1 minute video saves, like, a lot of them. Are there instructions on how to do this some where?
it is common for dash / bike cameras to do smaller files, you can just import those into any editor software, and i think they will be aligned in order there, and then you can drop them one after another to the time line and then export those as 1 big file.
Only problem will be if there is a overlap in between the files, this was common in the old days, and as it was a 1 second overlap and most often recorded in 1080/30 FPS you then had to cut the first 30 frames off each segment.
Back then software like registrator viewer was able to remove that overlap automatic, but RV are no longer supported as its maker was killed in a MC accident years ago.

You can also often change the segment size to larger files, like 3 - 5 - 10 minutes maybe, among the cars i think 3 minutes are the preferred setting, it is what i have used the past decade.

Video look okay just too bad with the jello in some of it, you bikers have to put the camera on something rigid, a fairing or something like that will not work, it need to be rock solid.
Thank you for that info! I did see that setting and was going to change it to see what would happen. Do you have a recommended "known to be good" editor app for a PC?
Thank you again, it is great to interact with good people!
This post should be helpful!
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