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Sep 2, 2021
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So have a Garmin 46 and a Galaxy S8 phone. Running latest software and firmware on both and seems that after update on Garmin when I try and connect live view or videos or photos the units will not communicate. Chatted with Garmin and seems that not sure if there solution is correct as it used to work fine. "Kari" asked if I was running a VPN which I only run when connecting to an open wifi and I was using my connection at home still didn't work. Well after a about 45 minutes she asked if I had my cellular data turned off? Well if I turn it off it seems to work but not sure as when I turn off cellular data turned off my provider states that some apps may not work and email will not. If anyone has had this happen would be nice to know if there is a fix.
Welcome to the forum jol1.

The trick putting the phone in airplane mode / turn off cellular data, will often do it for android phones, but it is of course a unsustainable approach in the long run.
Seem to me this have not been as big of a problem lately Vs a few years ago, where google really could mess ups peoples enjoyment of wifi that is not internet connected so they can mine your info.

Personally for testing purpose i do use wifi streaming of the camera to generate maximum heat in a camera system, but just for testing, i would not like a screen going normally, it might even be illegal here in Denmark.
It is true VPN can throw a curb ball with things like this, i myself use cyberghost on the phone and it launch with my wifi so i have to turn it off.
And even then, these days it seem like the VPN are always in the cache on my phone, and unlike all other apps on the phone i can not clear it, so i did contact cyberghost on this matter a few days ago, cuz it is something new as i often clear the cache after i have done something on my phone.
And it is there even if i have not had wifi on or the VPN for that matter, and the VPN are also off alright but the app seem to be running none the less.

I am going to try another VPN when this subscription run out.
On PC it is pretty tame running the VPN as it steal 900 mbit of my DL speed.
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