VIOFO A139 Pro 1CH/2CH/3CH Review - RCG530


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Jan 23, 2021
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In July 2022, VIOFO sent me an A139 Pro Duo test unit. The A139 Pro Duo front camera was a 4K UHD camera using a Sony STARVIS IMX515 image sensor. I provided some feedback on that version of the A139 Pro.

At the end of September 2022, VIOFO sent me an A139 Pro 3CH dash camera, but this time the front camera was using the Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 image sensor. For over two months I was testing and sending feedback to VIOFO about the firmware updates they were making to the A139 Pro. The A139 Pro 3CH test unit did have a problem with flickering brightness levels when recording at night. VIOFO stated they would send me a production unit when available. I requested two production A139 Pro 3CH dash cameras to make it much easier to gather footage to compare HDR video against non-HDR video. VIOFO was kind enough to send me two A139 Pro 3CH production units along with two of the optimized HK3-C hardwiring kits.

I put together a video review of the A139 Pro 1CH/2CH/3CH dash camera based on the time and effort put into testing this new dash camera model over the past several months. Thank you VIOFO for providing the dash cameras to make this test possible.

Yo Robert,
Great, great job. This was a marathon review. lol
Thanks for putting the link to my review of the A139 Pro in your description box.
I updated my description box with your link too.

I really like the explanation of the difference between the “standard 4K” resolution of (3840 x 2160p) and the second alternative 4K resolution of (3860 x 1600p). The side by side demo really helps understand the difference. I wonder why the 1600p resolution exists in the first place, since most all videos are the standard widescreen aspect ratio 16:9 that (3840 x 2160p) provides. I’m sure there is some kind of technical advantage, but ever since the digital transition of 2007 when we got rid of our 4:3 “square” TVs, and bought new 16:9 “rectangle” TVs my OCD has programmed my brain to have an aversion to any video that has black bars on screen, (either top & bottom, or left & right). Lol

How can a consumer tell the difference between the older HK3-C hardwire kit, and the new “updated / optimized” HK3-C hardwire kit? Is there a different UPC on the box? Or, is there a different amperage specification on the product label?

Did you cover your parcel shelf with a black cloth to reduce window glare since the rear cameras are unable to accept a CPL Filter? That is so smart.

That is pure awesome. Lol
Now that your testing is complete, and your review uploaded, and since you have two A139 Pro’s would you be willing to mount one on the REAR window in 1-channel configuration to test how well it does in that location? No rush, just for the next time your out gathering sample footage.

The reason I ask is because that was a very popular solution when the A129 Pro was released for folks who wanted maximum 4K image quality for front & rear.
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