VIOFO RMA Experience - Excellent


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Jul 20, 2022
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United States
I'd like to provide a brief overview of the outstanding service I had while dealing with VIOFO for the RMA procedure.

Upon reaching out to their support, I received a response within a matter of hours. The RMA was swiftly approved, accompanied by comprehensive instructions. My only task was to provide them with the tracking number for the return package, after which they promptly dispatched the replacement A139 on July 31st. I received the replacement a mere 10 days thereafter (shipped from Shatian, China, to the US Midwest). It was an uncomplicated and enjoyable procedure.
I also found Viofo very helpful and responsive to any issues. Service was excellent. The USB port on one of my rear cams came loose and Viofo quickly replaced it. I have also had USB ports come loose on a GoPro and an Akaso V50x action cam (which I use as a dashcam in addition to my main Viofo dashcams). Akaso asked me to pay $25 USD for them to ship a replacement to Canada. It was still under warranty, less than a year old.
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Yeah that has got to be one of Viofo's biggest strengths and one of the reasons I sing their praises (The other being the excellent cameras). It is a bit of a hassle shipping it all the way to China (I don't know why it's so expensive shipping out to China but cheap shipping in to here!), but where I got nothing but radio silence from the UK eBay seller I bought mine from when I had a problem, Viofo themselves were far more helpful and sorted me out when I explained the seller was being difficult.